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Chick Out Today’s Top Web Links

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So, last week I brought you the charity advert which humiliates whiners on Twitter who use the hashtag #firstworldproblems, and now a new web gem has emerged that mocks them in a different way.
The charity video by organisation Water Is Life featured impoverished Haitians reading out some examples of these hashtags and provoked a defensive backlash from users.
This video however allows these people to poke fun at themselves and is far more light hearted.
It is styled into an emotional charity appeal and features characters facing trivial problems such as, “My iPhone 5 is too big to fit into my skinny jeans”, and “I poured my cereal without checking to see if we had milk…we didn’t…”
It proposes a nice solution to these problems at the end!​

SO SUE ME (Sarah)

I am not usually a fan of blogs – by this I do not mean I don’t like them, I mean I don’t usually find them. Or when I do they are already ‘old hat’ as it were. However, just this morning I spotted a blog, on Facebook, that I have not already been subjected to an ear bashing about. This may be because others find it’s contents not worth talking about, but personally I found it informative and engaging. My favourite recent post is probably the picture of the back of a denim waistcoat which says ‘I won’t cry for you. My mascara’s too expensive’. What probably attracted me to this blog in the first place is it’s cool name – So Sue Me. Written by someone called Sue. Get it?​


It is a struggle faced by many parents and a task dreaded by most kids – the twice a day brushing of little gnashers.
There may now be a solution to encourage kids to do so – a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush which  not only plays two minutes of music which acts as a timer, but it also lets you earn real rewards.
It is connected to an app which determines the rewards you receive, such as free movie tickets, video games and discounts on clothing.
The Beam Brush developed by American firm Beam Technologies has attracted a great deal of investment and the product is soon to launch.
I was an odd child who enjoyed brushing my teeth, although mainly because of the sweet taste of Milk Teeth toothpaste!


Photographers can have all the top-notch, beasting technology they want but when they’re presented with scenes of natural phenomena like these, they they’d be hard pushed not to picture something that will truly blow your mind!


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has a history of losing shoes and another footwear fumble that saw her take an embarrassing tumble in India grabbed the headlines. The nation’s first female leader, who last week won international attention for a stinging speech about sexism and misogyny, had just laid a wreath at a Gandhi memorial in New Delhi on Wednesday when she fell in front of the cameras. She was walking towards reporters for a press conference when her high heel became stuck in soft grass and she landed flat on her face, but quickly got up and laughed it off. The clip of her falling was played repeatedly in Australia on Thursday and also used on US news shows and social media.