Walking charity stride towards a country-wide media success

Paths for All Media Coverage

Walking charity stride towards a country-wide media success

Paths for All Media Coverage

Charity PR experts help share the importance of workplace walking creating a reach of 1,389,190

CHARITY PR experts helped share the innovative challenges and accreditations Paths for All offer businesses in Scotland in the format of Step Count Challenges and Walk to Work Awards, which aims to encourage an active workplace.

The Holyrood PR team issued six media releases, with each highlighting a different sector and workplace to showcase the flexibility and versatility of the initiatives.

Companies included: NHS Shetland, Commonwealth Games Scotland, The Donaldson Trust, Perth and Kinross Council, Robertson Trust and Capita. 

Impressive results include:

On top of securing a great result of coverage, the team set out to make every story shine by taking an in-depth look at each workplace. This involved phoning round all of the companies involved prior to drafting the release to ensure we understood the success story.  

Our team knew that encouraging an active workplace was an important message to convey after many have spent a year of working at home. Employers putting the health of their staff first is a hot topic for many, as the transition back into a ‘normal’ working life begins.

One fundamental aspect was covered in every release – the benefits an active workplace can have to productivity in the workplace. Our Charity PR experts highlighted stories of employees who had made new friendships, inspired their colleagues, covered an impressive mileage, racked up an astonishing number of steps and how people felt physically, mental and socially better.

The releases were issued to a wide range of news outlets, including national, regional, local and specialist media ensuring a host of coverage across Paths for All key target media titles.

Widespread coverage is invaluable to Paths for All as it shares its message to audiences across the country – and demonstrates the benefits these schemes could bring to employee’s wellbeing, which in turn may attract new businesses to sign up.

The variety of businesses used as case studies in the coverage demonstrated to prospective businesses what Paths for All can offer, and how their services can be tailored to the client’s specific wants or needs.

The specialist coverage across print and online ensured Paths for All’s important key message- to get people walking everywhere, every day was highlighted by sharing positive success stories.

We are extremely proud to be able to tell the amazing stories and work of Paths for all, and are happy to be an integral part of showcasing the charity’s efforts to get people walking. You can find out more about Paths for All on its website https://www.pathsforall.org.uk/about/about-us-1

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