Beauty client gets its own social media and digital PR makeover

Dermal Clinic Hair & Beauty PR

Dermal Clinic worked with our digital PR experts to enhance its online profile


Dermal Clinic wanted to supercharge its PR activity – by beefing up its digital presence to match its outstanding media profile.
The multi award-winning aesthetic clinic had already reaped the benefits of working with Holyrood PR, ensuring it enjoyed a superb media profile which had seen founder Jackie Partridge established as a beauty sector thought leader.
However, Jackie and her team at the clinic, in Morningside, Edinburgh, felt their own efforts to cut through in the crowded world of social and digital media was failing and seeing them fall behind their rivals.
They wanted a roadmap for online activity, with guidelines on how to shape content and how to measure success – as well as a sprinkling of inspiration to ensure their efforts would stand out. We delivered a digital transformation plan.


Despite having no additional PR budget available, Dermal Clinic did not want its digital experiment to come at the cost of its superb footprint in traditional media – so we had to creatively juggle the budget to deliver both.
To achieve that we agreed to:

  • Conduct a detailed audit of its biggest rivals across all of the main digital platforms
  • Deliver a detailed and insightful report on the findings to shape future success
  • Kickstart that process by conceiving and delivering a 12 week “test campaign”
  • Deliver impressive results across Dermal Clinic’s blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram channel
  • Maintain amazing media coverage, despite switching the budget to digital
  • Impact positively on the performance of the business across the campaign period

What we did

Key to the digital transformation was the audit, which included: THREE interviews with stakeholders; FOUR months of intensive research; FIVE of the clinic’s closest competitors assessed; SIX months’ worth of social media activity reviewed; SEVEN digital platforms– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, clinic blogs and email newsletters.
The result was a comprehensive, 52-page report packed with insights, examples of best practice and recommendations.
Next, we devised and delivered a 12-week digital content plan, crafted to support the clinical team in delivery of lip filler treatments. It included blog posts and a calendar of social media activity.
The emphasis was on safe and natural looking results, the hallmark of treatment at Dermal Clinic.
A series of 10 blog posts were produced on topics, including understanding the lower face, changing lips through the ages and debunking myths about lip fillers. Posts were highly SEO optimised.
Meanwhile we continued to seed newspapers and other traditional media with stories.

Results we delivered

Twitter impressions created

Twitter targets

Engagemetnt created by 55 Instagram posts

Opportunities to see

Increase in patient enquiries

Average per patient revenue increase