Care watchdog wins praise and recognition for its important work

Care Inspectorate Press releases

Care watchdog wins praise and recognition for its important work

Care Inspectorate Press releases

The Care Commission, one of the country’s newest watchdogs, is winning high praise as Scotland’s care regulator.

Established in 2002, it regulates almost 15,000 services that provide care for about 320,000 people – including all of Scotland’s 1600 care homes, 4200 children’s day care services (including nurseries) and just over 6000 childminders.

Almost 3000 people took part in the Stakeholder Survey 2008, undertaken independently by George Street Research. It found that 87% of people who use care services and 84% of the general public rated the performance of the Care Commission as good, very good or excellent – up 14% and 11% respectively since 2005.

The survey also showed that 60% of carers and 55% of people who use services are now aware of the Care Commission and what it does. This is important because it means that more people who need to know what’s in inspection reports and how to make a complaint know where to go and how to find out.

The figures also show rising awareness of the Care Commission, while some other public sector organisations in Scotland are seeing a decrease.

Professor Frank Clark, Convener, said: “It’s encouraging to see the progress made since 2002. This survey shows that the Care Commission is continuing to punch above its weight, with service users and the public increasingly thinking we are doing a good and worthwhile job.

“We have made a targeted effort to ensure our stakeholders know that we are here, what we do and how they can use our services – and that is beginning to show clear results. One example is that there are 1.2 million visits to our website annually now, which is up from 250,000 in 2004. Our telephone helpline also successfully answers more than 15,000 enquiries every year.

“I am heartened that our existing communications strategy is proving so effective, but we are always looking at ways to develop so that we can reach more of our many stakeholders.”

“More and more people know that we are here to protect those who use care services and that we are working for them and their carers.
“This survey is a great testament to the hard work of Care Commission staff.  To hear that the vast majority of those who come into contact with the Care Commission find our inspectors and other staff so professional and helpful is very reassuring.  We know we still have a lot to do to improve awareness of what we do and our responsibilities. We look forward to building further on this success.”

The research was conducted during May and June 2008

Key findings:

awareness   Performance
very good/
  2008 2005 2008 2005

Carers 60 47 77 76
Service users   55 47 87 73
Providers all aware all aware 89 85
General public 39 31 84 73
Older people in
care homes 35 42 72 75

The Stakeholder Survey 2008 report is available at