CGI of the proposed CALA Homes development at Riccarton Mains Road, Currie, Edinburgh

Cala Homes To Be the First in New Local Development Plan

CALA Homes Media Coverage

Cala Homes To Be the First in New Local Development Plan

CALA Homes Media Coverage

Green Belt Devlopment Plans Move Award Winning Company Into the Limelight

Luxury home builder CALA Homes has secured approval from the Edinburgh Council to construct new properties in Currie – making it the first green belt development to be endorsed under the city’s new Local Development Plan.



The development in question will include a variety of housing; two-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced properties, a five-bedroom home, and a further six four bedroom houses. Finally ten of the homes will comprise three bedrooms.Building Construction Design Cala Homes coverage


All of these properties are desperately needed in the Edinburgh’s suburb. CALA Homes’ property plans will not only address the housing shortage but also provide financial support to the community. For instance, they intend to invest in Currie Primary School, Hermiston Gait Park and Ride and Gillespie Crossroads. All the while funding affordable housing schemes; as per the demands of the Local Development Plan.

The new plans for construction mark a great achievement for the agency, one that has been recognised in a wide array of publications, relevant to the house building and home owning sector
Building Projects CALA Homes, Curries. For instance the new development was featured in Housebuilder & Developer, The Scottish Construction News Magazine and Deadline News.

Such wide coverage is crucial to spreading word of the important work CALA does for communities it invests time and resources into; their desiProject Scotland, CALA Homes Coverage, Curriegns do not stop at the door but reflect their passion for creating strong and sustainable communities.
Established over thirty years ago, CALA Homes has continuously striven to attain exceptional design and build, whilst meeting stringent standards and offering value for money on all their properties.

CALA is an award winning company that was most recently awarded an impressive 5 star rating in the Home Builders Federation’s National New Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey for the sixth consecutive year.




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