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by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Realtec PR Scotland Trade PR for Reactec

Oil and gas companies are required as a health and safety measure to protect employees from excessive hand and arm vibration. The traditional process of paper logging can costs companies tens of thousands per year and is often a waste of time since the data is inaccurate.

The Reactec “HAVmeter” solution allows accurate measurements of vibration from tools, vital for workers safety .The HAVmeter provides simple, useable data reports. This eliminates the need for workers to fill out log sheets and managements are saved from having to collate and analyse data which can both be time consuming and tedious processes. This method also takes away the problem of human error.

Indeed accuracy is also increased by 25% on other methods. Companies of all sizes have already adopted the innovation ,confirms Reactec managing director, Jim O’Hagan.

He said: “By using better technology, companies are ensuring the protection of their employees, as well as saving themselves money.”

By putting staff health and safety high up the list of priorities, companies can actually save time as well as making cost savings. The more accurate information gathered as a result of using the device allows companies to make informed decision regarding HAV for the future of their organisation.

It is common for workers to overestimate time spent using tools which result in HAV by up to 80%. This means that work is spread between more operatives than is actually necessary. This also increases staffing costs to the business. For using the HAV meter, no extra work is required to collect the data, saving the organisation time. Each individual records their own exposure, making sure they remain within set safety limits.

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This coverage was secured with  Industrial Compliance as part of a PR campaign secured by Holyrood PR for Reactec

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