Why your business deserves the boutique treatment when it comes to PR services

by Scott Douglas

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Why boutique PR agencies are starting to give the big corporations a run for their money

Blurred figures hard at work in the busy pr office of Scottish public relations agency Holyrood PRWHEN it comes to hiring the services of a company to boost your product or brand power, isn’t it a natural thought that ‘bigger’ is always ‘better’?

Regardless of whether you’re set to launch a world changing service or open up a new restaurant, thoughts naturally lead you to seek out the biggest public relations agency to implement and lead your PR campaign.

Why? Perhaps it’s the status of working with big boys. Maybe their size suggests they are financially stable. Or it might be something as simple by the fact you were dazzled by their slick, city centre offices.

Whatever the reasons, when you break it all down does it really pay off? Are there really that many differences between multi-nationals corporations and thriving independent boutique public relations agencies, such as Holyrood PR?

Essential behind the scenes guide to the work of a public relations agencyPR isn’t cheap, so if you are looking to invest, check out our essential business cheat sheet on some of the things you should be looking for, to help make sure you find exactly the right agency for your business.

Pleasingly, Holyrood PR’s results-driven approach and successes have been recognised by our peers after we were named the Outstanding Small Agency Public Relations Consultancy in the 2015 Scottish PRide Awards.

So if you are that business that is looking to boost its media profile, has a barnstorming new product to launch or maybe wants to talk about your latest expansion, here are a few bite sized ideas to get you thinking as to why it might work in your advantage to turn left, try a new direction and go smaller:


facebook logo reflected in a user's eyeSimply put, big agencies are big bureaucracies. By nature, they operate in a methodological process which places traditional level of PR as core aspect of service delivery.

However, with the media landscape changing at a rate of knots – it can be seemingly difficult to move with the times and update your policies from a top down level.

Consumers are always looking for new and in demand technologies and new platforms to access and share news. And with a host of innovative media, apps, devices and systems to aid the functioning of public relations – how long would it take a multinational corporation to implement such new processes to all its staff?

Answer: Not as fast as it would take a boutique agency which is always on the pulse of innovation.


Holyrood PR in Edinburgh internshipThe appeal of a boutique agency, one that can deliver a more personalised service and be more flexible and
responsive, is something many brands are also embracing.

They, and their staff, can become ambassadors for their clients – acting as an additional sales team in promoting their brand at networking events or on social media channels.

At Holyrood PR, we take that added-value to new levels by offering clients access to our regular Holyrood PR TV video and monthly newsletter to profile their products to our sizeable database – all for free.

Our essential business guide to added value PR servicesFind out how you can ensure you get maximum value from your PR agency with this essential guide on what to look for and what questions to ask

We also give every clients  a dedicated online newsroom – a hub that is entirely devoted to them – on our highly optimised website to showcase all their PR activity, another free resource that not only provides clients with an extremely valuable NEWS tab to link to their own website, but a means to build their SEO value.

There’s plenty more we do to set ourselves apart – and we’d love the chance to chat with you about the possibilities for your business.


Holyrood PR in Edinburgh have been shortlisted in four categories at the 2015 CIPR PRide AwardsWhen an agency is described as ‘big’ it can mean the employ many staff.

But is also means clutter, competing interests and confusion. Rest assured a smaller team will work in sync to provide you with the best results for the campaign.

When hiring a boutique agency to lead on your campaign you’re also investing in a close knit team who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can combine together to provide you with an amalgamation of creativity, ingenuity and best of all – fantastic results.

As we like to say at Holyrood PR we hit the sweetspot in terms of our size – we’re big enough to deal with issues of scope and scale, as major clients will testify, including the £1 billion a year utility, Scottish Water, Britain’s biggest luxury house builder CALA Homes, and the health and care giant, Bupa.



Holyrood PR Directors Scott Douglas and Raymond NotarangeloWant direct access to the CEO of the company? Then you’ve got it.

Sometimes the problem with the biggest of agencies in town is down to the fact that you really don’t know who you’re speaking to.

When signing on the dotted line with a boutique agency you can rest assured that the same faces you saw at the boardroom pitch are the same faces you’ll see when they’re running through the wave of national coverage they secured you at the next monthly meeting.

We’ve proved we’re big enough to work with giant companies and to deliver the most ambitious PR campaigns. However, our manageable size means the original founders of the company still lead from the front and ensure standards, ethos and commitment to quality and excellence are imbued in the entire team.


Linking back to the all important theme of accessibility – a further advantage of the boutique agency is the streamlined work ethic it provides.

In a multinational company with departments full of employees, are you always assured as to who is working on your account?

10 reasons to choose Holyrood PR in ScotlandHungry for more advice and insights on how to find exactly the right PR agency for you? Then check out 10 Reasons why you should choose Holyrood PR

In a boutique agency there isn’t going to be tens of juniors, execs and managers all scrambling over the one account – rather a reliable, structured team who know the ins and outs and can describe your brand message in their sleep.

Structure is important and it pays to know exactly who is working on your account; what they are doing and why; how success will be reported and measured. Want to know more details? Then check out our guide, below

Public relations agency in Edinburgh guide on choosing the best PR agency for your businessOur PR Starter Pack is a vital tool for businesses looking for public relations experts to work with. We’ve done all the hard work, so that you don’t have to!

Isn’t it time you treated your business to the services of an award winning PR agency?

Then why not contact us to find out how we can provide your business or brand with an added boost of media activity.

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Scott Douglas, of public relations agency Holyrood PR in Scotland

Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas is the co-founder of the multi award-winning Holyrood PR, renowned public relations agency in Edinburgh, Scotland.
As well as providing expert PR services in Scotland and the UK, the former journalist heads a team which offers a host of other professional media services.
Those include crisis management PR, photography for business PR, affordable business video, social media campaigns and strategic content planning and delivery for businesses of all sizes.

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