Business To Battle Cybercrime With Scotland’s First E-Crime Summit

by Aimee Lawrence

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

SBCC ScotsmanCrime Fighting PR Scotland.

The Scottish Business Crime Centre featured in the Scotsman for their work with e-Crime Scotland ahead of a Summit to be held in May on the menace of cybercrime.

Cybercrime is costing Scottish businesses an estimated £5billion a year and has proven to affect all businesses regardless of size or sector.

The first e-Crime Scotland Summit will reveal how cybercrime is a constant and real threat for all businesses and will outline key steps they can take to reduce their vulnerability and exposure to risks.

e-Crime Scotland is hoping the summit – which has been supported by RBS and Scottish Enterprise –  will allow it to match the successes achieved by the pioneering work of E-Crime Wales who have made significant inroads in tackling the cyber criminal.

Gary Ritchie, Assistant Director of SBCC, said: “With the many benefits that accompany the latest developments in technology, sadly there also evolves new and potentially devastating criminal interests in this area.

“The key is for businesses to not think this is a techy issue or some evolving trend that won’t involve them, but to put in place the measures to stop the threats.”

More information about the e-Crime Scotland Summit can be found at  or the Scottish Business Crime Centre website.

The full coverage can be viewed on the Scotsman website and was achieved on behalf of the Scottish Business Crime Centre thanks to the work of Holyrood Partnership.

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