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Buffer Up With Our Web Hits!

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CATS AWAY! (Sarah)

Now everyone knows someone who could be accused of taking their pet/human relationship a tad too seriously. You know the people I mean; those who dress up their dogs, baby-talk at their cats or coo at their cockatiel. But I am willing to bet no one knows someone who decided to mourn the passing of their furry friend by turning it into a helicopter. However, this is exactly what happened to Orville, deceased cat of Dutch artists Bart Jansen. Bart began by stuffing Orville and then teamed up with radio control helicopter flyer Arien Beltman to build a flying mechanism to attach to him. I can almost understand an urn of cremated cat as a memorial, but a flying corpse is taking pet-mourning a step too far. 


With us being in the thick of summer’s beginning-although it may not feel like it-it’s guaranteed we’ll be looking for new hotspots to spend our nights!The Annexe in Edinburgh is offering another new club night called Etiket which launches this Friday!Be sure to check it out!


If you are someone who gets stuck for meal ideas a lot then Hellmann’s new campaign could tickle your taste buds. A partnership with a supermarket in Brazil has allowed the mayonnaise brand to print recipes on receipts ever time a customer buys the mayo. What’s great about this idea is that a lot of the time the recipes are customised as it builds it around the ingredients that the customer has purchased. Hellmanns are enjoying some sweet success from the campaign with sales of the condiment having gone up by 44% within the first month. This could be a great campaign to roll out across many different countries.


The recent cannibal crimes in the U.S​ have sparked theories of an impending real life zombie apocalypse.Since a naked man chewed the face off of a homeless person in Miami last week, the city has been on high alert.So when one prankster dressed up as a zombie and ran around downtown Miami growling and covered in blood, people were understandably freaked out.His stunt has been slammed as sick and dangerous by viewers, and he is lucky to be alive after someone pointed a gun at him during the escapade.


According to this fascinating infographic chart our daily meals go steadily down hill in the health factor as the hours tick by! It’s probably pretty accurate, but after eating Haribo for my breakfast today I’m definately discounted! It can only get better for me!Take a look at the world map which takes you on a munch journey from 7am to 11pm.Green means good and red means BAD!