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Since signing up for Fitness Bootcamp the Holyrood PR team has been determined to get fit, even squeezing in pre-work gym sessions! However, as much as we are enjoying it, I don’t think any of us will go to this much of an extreme. An Egyptian born man has made the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s largest biceps. Moustafa Ismail has been likened to the cartoon character Popeye as his biceps have a circumference of 31 inches, which is the same size of many men’s waists! He may look a bit odd but I still wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him.​


An art installation in Kiev has led one woman to marry another. Confused? Yeah she was too when she took part in an interactive piece of art at a museum in Kiev in which she had to sleep for three days and marry the person who woke her up. She was in fact awoken by a kiss from another Ukrainian woman meaning that she was the one she had to marry. However it is illegal for ladies to marry each other in the Ukraine so the whole thing was really a waste of time. Not for sleeping beauty though as she believes that their meeting was meant and she is looking to work with her in a professional capacity in the future.


A study of 61 million users has shown that Mark Zuckerburg’s social network influenced voting behaviour during the 2010 US election, generating 340,000 more votes and combatting voting apathy.
During the election, users were shown a social banner message that told them which of their friends had voted and a counter of Facebook users who had clicked it.
The research is the first to demonstrate that the online world can affect real world behaviour on a large scale.  Surely this affect is going to be amplified during the upcoming race to the Whitehouse with more registered users and increased engagement. 

HELLO IPHONE 5 (Victoria)

After months of rumours with Apple fans growing increasingly impatient, the new iPhone 5 was finally unveiled yesterday.
At the firm’s press event in California yesterday the new smartphone was presented to the waiting world by Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing head honcho and has not disappointed.
The new handset will feature a 4 inch display and is lighter and thinner than the 4s. Many fans have reacted angrily to the firm changing the power connecting, rendering expensive accessories obselete.
Being the impatient person I am, I just couldn’t last any longer with my 3G and upgraded to a 4S. Pretty gutted now! Oh well at least it means by Bose speakers are not destined for the trash. 


Everyone regards Las Vegas as ‘Sin City’ so it’s only right that there should be an outlet for confession in one of its top hotels. Cosmopolitan hotel has set up confessional booths in which guests can anonymously write down their sins on wooden plaques. The whole thing is actually an art exhibition which has made for great public viewing with over 1500 confessions displayed on the hotel walls. Over half were about sex, love or fears of dying alone. I think this is great and could probably spend hours reading them!