Bride’s wedding day transformation, courtesy of her dentist

by Scott Douglas

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Multi-skilled clinic team treated Carolyn’s smile (and her skin, her weight and her smoking habit)

Bride transformation deliveres dental PR

BLUSHING bride Carolyn Young turned to a leading cosmetic dental surgery to radically change her image before getting married.

The 28-year-old was determined to shed two stones in weight, rid herself of an unsightly rash on her skin and achieve a bright white smile before marrying fiancé Steven Young earlier this year.

The trained interior designer also wanted to quit smoking ahead of her big day so her parents wouldn’t find out about her 20-a-day habit.

To help with her plight Carolyn Young tuned to Lubiju, Scotland’s top holistic dentistry clinic, where she underwent hypnotherapy to stop smoking, a tooth whitening treatment and nutritional therapy to help her lose weight and improve her skin condition.


Bride transformation deliveres dental PR

Carolyn said: “I met Steven five years ago and we started dating a couple of years after that.

“When he proposed to me on my 27th birthday it was perfect. He took me away to Venlaw Castle in Peebles and surprised me by running a bubble bath for two, complete with rose petals and champagne.

“I was over the moon but as soon as I came back down to earth I knew I didn’t want to get married looking the way I did. First on my list was quitting smoking. I had been smoking 10 cigarettes a day for over four years and when a night out was involved it could be well over 20.

“My parents still have no idea that I ever smoked and I didn’t want them to find out about my habit on my wedding day – and I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist after a few glasses of champagne.

“I booked an appointment with hypnotherapist Peter Davies at Lubiju and I was shocked when after the treatment I had absolutely no desire to smoke.

“In fact now I am so committed I can’t help myself recommending Peter’s services to any smoker I meet, though I’m not sure how well it goes down in the smoking areas in bars.

“Next on my list was my weight. Lubiju recommend I book in with their practice nutritionist Deborah Ramsey.

“At 6ft tall I have always hidden any extra weight well, but I wanted to look fit and healthy in my wedding pictures and that meant changing my diet and loosing some weight.

Bride transformation deliveres dental PR“Deborah was really helpful and after I had recorded a week long food diary entailing how different foods made me feel, we came up with a plan for me to follow.

“The end result was that I not only lost two stones in weight but the skin rash I had on my arms completely disappeared too. At one point I was considering having Botox but by following the diet my skin looked so good I no longer needed to.

“Deborah is also a qualified masseur and I have to admit I indulged in a couple of East West Fusion massages to relax me before my big day too. My last treatment was Zoom! whitening to give me, as I call it, a bling smile for my wedding photographs.

“I went to Lubiju co-founder Dr Biju Krishnan for the treatment and he changed the colour of my teeth. I was so happy with the results – I have never had so many compliments in my life since having my teeth whitened.

“My husband Steve actually cried when I came down the aisle – he couldn’t get over how good I looked. And now I can look back at my wedding photographs and know that I looked my very best.”

Dr Krishnan said: “At Lubiju we pride ourselves on the fact that we combine the latest treatments in anaesthetics, maxillo-facial surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implantology alongside alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, massage and nutrition.

“Our dedicated team is qualified to treat any number of aesthetic concerns and we specialise in creating bespoke packages for our clients to cater for their every need.

“When Carolyn approached us she had a number of issues that she wanted to address before getting married, namely stopping smoking, her weight, skin condition and teeth colour.

Bride transformation deliveres dental PR“After a thorough consultation we identified that she would need to visit Lubiju hypnotherapist Peter Davies, nutritionist and alternative therapist Deborah Ramsey and myself.

“By the end of Carolyn’s treatments she had lost two stone and had radiant looking skin. She had also stopped smoking completely and had a brand new white smile.

“She has since brought her wedding photographs into Lubiju to let us all see and looks fantastic. I would be proud to use Carolyn as example of the work we do at Lubiju.”

Lubiju represents an investment of £750,000 to create a new practice offering the ambience of a five-star hotel combined with most hi-tech treatment techniques and equipment available in cosmetic dentistry.

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