Be A Revolutionary, Not A Resolutionary When It Comes To Bossing It In Business

by Ainsley Piggott

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Timing Is Everything – So our PR Agency Explains Why You Should Pick The Ideal Date For Your Next Big Push

be-a-revolutionaryIT’S that time for a refresh, a makeover or a new start. Isn’t it great how the first weeks of a year are usually brimful of energy, optimism and good intentions?

But given that – at the time of writing – we’re already more than halfway through the month, with February beckoning to us, have you noticed how quickly it all wears off? In fact, it’s worse than that, because it actually become tiresome, wearing and finally downright annoying.

If the festive season is an overdose of food, booze and lazing in front of the telly, then January’s aftermath is also an overindulgence of sorts – only this time we’re guilty of overdoing on self-improvement and promises to change.

If this sounds a wee bit cynical, then bear in mind that we’re already well past “National Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day”. Yes, there is such a day and it falls on January 17 every year.

So how can businesses get the best of both worlds? How can your company or venture harness all the energy and clean-the-slate optimism to kick start an exciting new phase – without becoming either an annoying zealot or a jaded resolution breaker?

1 – Lead, Don’t Follow

Put simply, don’t sleepwalk into a January refresh just because everyone else is doing it. In fact, if everybody else is doing it, that might just be the very best reason to do something completely different instead!

Be an all year revolutionary – not a New Year resolutionary.

Step back and take a look at things from less traditional viewpoint: ask yourself if January is *really* the ideal month to be promoting a new, improved version of your business, product or service?

Our essential business guide to added value PR servicesAny time is a good time to refresh the profile of your business. But finding the right PR experts can be a minefield. Whether you are reviewing existing PR support or looking for an agency for the first time, our essential guide advises what to look for and what questions to ask.

You may well have cleaned all the cupboards at home, got a tidy desk at work for the first time in years. You may even have managed to stick to that new gym routine. But that doesn’t change the fact that January might just be the worst possible month of the year for telling people how great your business it.

 How will your upbeat messages about being shiny, new and improved, go down with people who may not be feeling quite so good about themselves?  Every year we witness a surge of people making New Year’s resolutions recycled after a failed attempt the year before.  It’s invariably the same people who promise the world they’ll go on a health kick, stop spending money on luxuries or do more for others.

But we all know it rarely lasts longer than the dreaded month of January. While a minority of people might be basking in resolution successes, most are quietly trying to forget about yet another failure.

Do you really want to rub their noses in it by crowing about how great you are?


2 – Invest Wisely

A pile of £1 coinsFinancial factors may also come into play. If you are in a B2B business or service and your clients are setting or allocating budgets in January, then there is no doubt you need to be all over that.  But you’ll already know what is required in that case – and it probably isn’t a bunch of New Year, New You promises.

Elsewhere though, January is mostly a time of post festive blues and broken resolutions, while probably the biggest bummer of the month is the enforced tightening of purse strings, while consumers make up for the festive period spending excesses.

That doesn’t mean your business has to jump on the January sales bandwagon. But deals, offers and discounts, carefully thought out and presented, can go a long way to making people feel better about their financial woes.

In terms of pushing a new, improved version of your business though? Might it be better to pick another date which may offer more favourable timing?

3 – Fit For Purpose

HPR_TRAINING_HPR-7untitledOf course, there are sectors where the influx of resolutionaries brings a burst of new opportunities, akin to the eagerly awaited rainy season on the Serengeti.

For the likes of gym memberships, fitness classes and aesthetic treatments, January brings guaranteed customers. Unfortunately, many of those customers may not last long, when they realise the sweat, tears and daily regimes are actually pretty demanding.

Another possible downside during January is that an influx of new gym members or clinic bookings can achieve the opposite of what you want – by putting off existing customers and driving them out the door.

Happily, many businesses have well-thought out strategies and go the extra mile to support and encourage newbies, impressing them and inspiring them enough to convert them into long-term loyal customers.

Nobody wants to turn away new businesses, but perhaps it’s worth waiting until February or beyond to aggressively promote your services or to unveil a refreshed new look, range or attitude.

With a little bit or research and a strong PR plan you can be waving goodbye to the January blues and instead start building an empire of year-round success.

Grateful clients of our PR agency, Holyrood PR love the fact that we help them all year round. Powerful stories aren’t seasonal and positive media coverage throughout the year benefits even those businesses which are dependent on specific calendar highlights.

Think your business could use a polish for its public profile? Do yourself a favour and speak to the trusted experts at our award-winning PR agency.

By telling your stories to the right audience, we help businesses to become more profitable while enabling them to create happier more productive workplaces.

We’d love the chance to explain how our PR agency acts as a trusted guide for a huge range of businesses and how that could benefit you.

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