Blurred Lines: When Client Wins Feel So Good

by Chris Fairbairn

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Your agency should feel like an extension of your team – that’s why when you get good news we feel great too.

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh ensure that their success are their clients successWHEN Robin Thicke sang about Blurred Lines he certainly wasn’t talking about client/agency relations.

That said, the title of the hit, cheekily poached from Marvin Gaye, is an appropriate figure of speech when summing up how a PR agency should interact with its clients.

Y’see when everything clicks as it should, the PR agency working on your account should become like an extension of your own team. The lines between where your business stops and the PR agency will become, well, a little bit blurred.

We know exactly how that feels here at Holyrood PR, because we go the extra mile to tie our success to the success of our clients. That means we feel like we have a personal stake in every project – not just a fee-based obligation to deliver the basics.

So, when our client the Banks Group received the welcome news that its plans for a £200 million development of 1040 homes at Glenboig has been passed by North Lanarkshire Council, we were over the moon and celebrated by leaping out of our chairs and punching the air.

Sound odd? It shouldn’t really. We had been heavily involved in explaining the plans to the local population, including residents, businesses, councillors and influencers and as a result were on nail-biting tenterhooks (just like the team at Banks) awaiting a final decision.

We were genuinely chuffed when the project, which will also feature a designated community hub and link road capable of transforming local transport access, was approved. We felt like part of the successful Banks Property team bringing so much to an area starved of proper investment.

That sense of belonging, of shared endeavour and shared purpose (as well as that feeling of success), quite simply felt good. In simple terms, the lines between Holyrood PR and Banks Group became a little bit blurred. And we’re proud of that.

Acting quickly

In the days following the approval decision we acted quickly and smartly to advise key media and draft a punchy, positive press release, to ensure that Banks’ Edinburgh PR Agency Banks - Glenboig Site Investigation, Russell Goodchild of Heritage Envir...voice was heard loud and clear amid the buzz of a big announcement.

This resulted in hugely positive coverage across key regional and national press, followed up by pieces in construction and business press highlighting the bounty of benefits about to arrive in North Lanarkshire.

That was just the latest shared success from a blurred lines campaign which had seen us working hand-in-hand with Banks for well over a year.

In our earlier work the undoubted star of the campaign turned out to be an ugly, oversized swamp-dweller – and no it wasn’t Shrek.

Learn how our Edinburgh PR Agency cast a spell on the media thanks to a powerful potion made with tale of newts

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh love celebrating client successesThe well being of the great crested newt was central to the media success of the Glenboig development and there was a serious underlying message and an inspired PR reason for focusing on the slimy critters.

When Banks told us about the painstaking work and measures put in place to ensure that the protected species came to no harm during construction – we were amazed and saw the potential this had to get a serious and strong message out there: Banks Property is a sensitive developer that cares about the environment.

The ensuing media coverage was extensive, spanning television, radio and most of the major Scottish newspapers. A win for the client and our Edinburgh agency and the staff at Holyrood PR and Banks Group also celebrated that success as a single team.

The many ways we blur the lines

There are many other ways we help blur the lines, so that our clients are never in any doubt that we are totally and completely part of their team. Here are just some of the ways that we go the extra mile to tie our success to that of the people we work with:

Online Newsrooms: A relationship is about give and take. And we really love to give. That’s why we set up nifty online newsrooms for all of our ongoing clients.

The best things in life are free: love, laughter and an online client newsroom

Each client hub is regularly updated and provides a handy platform to showcase all media releases, media coverage, photos, videos – Holyrood PR agency offer mini website for all of its long term clients as well as a valuable SEO boosting link back to a client’s own website.

That way the success of our website is dependent on the success we deliver for YOU.

So, if you choose to work with Holyrood PR, you will know that we are so committed to delivering quality on your behalf, since we will proudly showcase all of that work on our own website.

We remain the only PR agency in Scotland to do so.

Video service Holyrood PR offers clients help generate maximum media coverage Video Bonus: Every week without fail we round up the best stories from our clients and share them in a short video, called Holyrood PR TV.

We include film footage, photographs and examples of successful coverage in print and online.

Yet again it means our success is tied to your success. If we don’t deliver fantastic results for our clients, then we won’t have video stories to share. Simple as that.

This also means that on a regular basis, our clients feature in short, professional videos that they can share with their own staff and customer – and we deliver this extra service for free.

We are the only PR agency in Scotland to offer a service like this.

Far reaching influence: Every fortnight we deliver a punchy and visually bright newsletter to almost 2500 subscribers – influential business people acrossHolyrood PR Newsletter offers your maximum coverage Scotland.

We make sure our client success stories appear in an interesting, informative and entertaining way – helping you get your messages to an even wider audience.

What’s more, our clients get automatic access to our newsletter – it’s called the Priority List – and know only too well how we share useful and helpful business tips and insights.

Talk about blurring the lines – yet again we make sure our success is inextricably linked to the success of our clients.

And once again you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find another PR agency anywhere in Scotland with a newsletter to match to reach, frequency or sheer readability of the Holyrood PR Priority List.

Blog posts, case studies and more: It doesn’t stop there.

We are prodigious in sharing content via blog posts and case studies which catch the eye of web users across Scotland and beyond.

Many of those posts celebrate the work of our clients and the PR successes we have helped them enjoy.

You won’t find dry, technical or dull stories on our site – just lively words accompanied by eyecatching images and graphics, all telling how businesses much like yours have overcome problems and enjoyed success with clever public relations.

Those posts are read by thousands of people every month, reaching a sizeable audience across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Shouldn’t your business be featured?

Want your own in-house press team but can’t justify taking on the staff? Find the perfect solution with our mighty Edinburgh PR agency

Holyrood PR can never be accused of sitting back and relaxing. We prefer to be on the front foot, ensuring that you consider us to be your proactive, often excitable but ultimately irreplaceable media division, delivering ongoing PR success.

We can’t help but intertwine ourselves with our clients. It is a culture that has developed purposefully – resulting in a blurring of the lines between agency and client. But it also means that we take genuine delight when you get a load of good news.

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    Chris Fairbairn of Scottish public relations agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

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