Blue Monday’s Web Wonders

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Blue Monday’s Web Wonders

  BlogHolyrood 5
Embarassing Dad dances to electronic music

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Given that it is blue Monday (a fact that is surely augmented by everyone going on about it) I thought I would make my contribution to today’s high five lighthearted. We have all got some hilarious ‘dad moment’ anecdotes that we like to trot out at family gatherings and it is reassuring to know that for some people these moments can be relived through the medium of video. Mashable have created a list called ‘10 Glorious Shake Your Head Dad Moments’ – my favourite has to be the Dad at an electronic music festival. Swing and click is not the hippest of moves. Dude.​

BLUE MONDAY (Aoibhínn)

Feeling down? Blame it on Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year.
It’s dark, freezing and most of us probably had to trek half way across town in the sleet to make it to work. A report suggests that a major reason for a drop in motivation comes from the continued winter darkness after the brief highlights of Christmas and New Year.
The metro have put together Top 10 reasons you’re depressed today: A grumpy guide to Blue Monday. So if you weren’t feeling blue enough already, take a wee peek at the link below just to remind you why you should be feeling down in the dumps this Monday.​


It’s probable that business cards may become a thing of the past with people turning to modern alternatives such as LinkedIn.
I still see the value in them however and really appreciate a quirky or creative business card as they say a lot about a person.
Ever wanted to check out the business cards of the rich and famous? Well take a look at the bel0w selection which includes cards from such greats as Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Neil Armstrong and going back to even Abraham Lincoln.


It seems every time I log on to Facebook or Twitter these days my newsfeed is filled with images or videos of animals; cute, grumpy, unusual, funny, etc. Not that I’m complaining, in fact I can’t seem to get enough and I have decided to join the trend! Have a peek at this little guy who was brought to my attention the other day – The Quokka, also known as ‘The Happiest Animal in the World’. Found in a small corner of south-western Australia, the Quokka is said to pose no threat to humans and, arguably, looks like something the animators at Disney would dream up. The Huffington Post have put together some images for our amusement:​


Now I know that all these horse jokes are getting a little old, but I thought this would be the best way to put the jokes to bed. A video has emerged on YouTube of two bucking buddies who dressed up as a horse and walked down the frozen meat aisle screaming ‘MUM!” to the burgers.
The video has received over 100,000 views and it is still growing. What is great about the video is the quick thinking to dress up as a horse and walk around tesco. The only disappointing element of the video is the bad filming and it would have been good to see the customers reactions. Neigh luck for Tescos.