Blue Monday’s Booming Links


Blue Monday’s Booming Links

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I still remember my first, bright pink fluffy Furby. It would incessantly chatter in its indistinguishable language, blink it’s eyes and flap it’s ears. Yet it provided no great amusement other than the fact that it drove my parents demented. So much so that it was ‘accidentally’ dropped down the stairs and never spoke again. I’m sure that there are many out there who are thrilled that the Furby is back with all the capabilities and apps to survive in the 21st century.

​NOAH’S ARK (Victoria)

With this seemingly neverending deluge of rain, it got me thinking, is it time we start building our arks?A Dutch carpenter has just put the finishing touches to a full scale replica of the famous biblical wooden boat, costing over a million pounds and taking three years to complete. Johan Huibers was inspired to undertake this project after experiencing a dream 20 years ago in which he saw his native Netherlands submerged in water.
Johan built the boat exactly to measurements stated in the Book of Genesis, and the vessel even holds a menagerie of life size plastic animals including crocodiles, giraffes and donkeys. 


Normally a camper at T wasn’t I chuffed when I decided to just go for the day this time. As everyone will know and probably have seen this year was the wettest T in the Park for the last few years but people still came out in force to watch their favourite acts take to the stage over the last three days. My highlight definitely has to be the one and only Miss Jessie J- this may be because I don’t really recall watching anyone else. Well you have to do something to take your mind of getting drenched unfortunately I drunk a lot of wine!


Although it may not seem like it, summer IS here, and despite the rain and wind it’s a great time to try out some new sunshine inspired recipes. The fact is there are so many to choose from, from so many different cookery outlets, so deciding can be a challenge in itself! If you are feeling defiant in the face of the weathe, and want to cook up a summer storm, why not try out some of the recipes collected from one of Pinterest’s most popular categories; Food & Drink. has released 15 of its favourite recipes as found within the category; from ‘the perfect burger’ to a tropical avocado salad there are meal plans for all taste buds. Let’s get cooking and forget about the rain!​


Whilst millions were mesmerised by Susan Boyle’s angelic singing her neighbours are not as impressed. Teresa Miller and Paul Keaveney have complained they can’t sleep as Subo constantly is singing along loudly to her own songs. Seemingly these claims are part of bitter argument as Susan complained about Teresa and Paul arguing loudly. Wonder who is telling porkies?