Blasting Fire On A Tuesday To Make It Saucy

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After holding our breaths for what seems like well over a year, the old gods and the new are set to return for Season Three of the Game of Thrones and from a look at the trailor it won’t disappoint.
If you haven’t been watching, perfect opportunity to have an all out marathon session before the third season airs at the end of March. If you have, you’ll remember not to get too attached to anyone before they’re unexpectedly hacked off and no doubt look forward to seeing the fate of King Joffrey.
Check out the trailor sure to get your heated pulses racing:


In New York City there are over 2 million signs ranging from parking signs to traffic signs, and you would think that a massive company makes these. You would be wrong. A company of only 22 members of staff create all the signs for the 5 boroughs of New York, which usually amounts to well over 9,000 signs a month. That is a very impressive number given the small size of the team.
The interesting video shows you how the signs are made in their factory and a look at the variety of signs they make and their process. Next time you visit New York and see a sign, you will know these guys made it. 

SIT UP (Melissa)

Turns out chairs are designed all wrong nowadays for our ever-changing body posture. It has been revealed that they way we sit at out desk or table has altered because of technology, resulting in the conventional chair no longer being fit for purpose. Diagrams shown here display the difference in how we sit when we text, email or even both at the same time. So, I wonder what we will be sitting on in ten years time? A bean bag then keeps you upright? I guess, we will have to just sit back and see.


Described as ‘cushy’ and ‘luxurious’ Bastoy prison island in Norway has been dubbed the most comfortable in the world. To be fair I’m not surprised when inmates head out to work each day and in their spare time can visit the on-island church, school or library. When they feel like a little relaxation inmates can head to the beach for a spot of sunbathing or play sports including tennis and football. Up to six prisoners share accommodation on the island and have the freedom to cook, work, clean and shop for themselves. Seemingly Bastoy boasts the lowest reoffending rate in Europe, so they are clearly doing something right but should it be so obviously enjoyable?


Cats and photobombing – two of the most contemporary viral clichés I can think of. And the lovely people at Buzzfeed have brought them together for me. Perhaps not the most inspired idea, but the latest photo gallery involves cats photobombing famous images. What is probably the most amazing fact about this compilation is that someone took the time to make and upload it. Come on people, let’s get some new material.