Bield Goes That Extra Mile For Its Tenants With Dementia

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Bield Goes That Extra Mile For Its Tenants With Dementia

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

PR Scotland fights dementia

To improve the life of tenants with dementia, Bield has introduced a new innovative project at the sheltered housing development in Dundee – The Evening Telegraph reports.

The “Life Stories and Reminisce Project” should bring a spark of light to the life of individuals with dementia providing a welcoming space for them to share life experiences with other residents, family and carers in the hope that it will improve their mental health through increased social interaction.

Lintel Trust has been responsible of this achievement through its donation to the cause after receiving an application for funding to set up a life stories project at Bonnethill Gardens.

The charitable organisation works with voluntary organisations and local communities throughout Scotland. Their aim is to encourage and enable individuals to live as independently as possible in their homes and to play an active part in their communities.

Jeni Sinclair, volunteer development worker at the Bield‘s sheltered house, outlines the project: “A new topic is explored each week with tenants being encouraged to bring artefacts, books or any other materials which will for them enhance their enjoyment of the sessions.

“Notes are taken at each session with the intention of them creating a folder which, at the end, will highlight all the various topics and discussions over the duration of the project.

“Giving our tenants and visitors that come along a space and time in which they can share their experiences and stories with each other is invaluable and something which all of them fully appreciate.”

With the “Life Stories and Reminisce Project”, Bield aims to help reduce social isolation whilst embodying Bield‘s wider “Free to Be” philosophy, which enables people to make their own choices while being there to support them when they need.

Bield Chief Executive Brian Logan said: “The project typifies the approach Bield has made to improve the lives of people who use its services.”

Life Stories and Reminisce meetings take place on Thursdays afternoons at The Clachan, Bonnethill Gardens, Caldrum Terrace in Dundee between 2pm -4pm.

The full coverage can be read on The Evening Telegraph and was secured on behalf of Bield as part of a public relations campaign carried out by Holyrood PR.