Better Than Chocolate – Holyrood PR’s Pick and Mix


Better Than Chocolate – Holyrood PR’s Pick and Mix


Here are our top links for today and as you can see there’s lots going on in the world of news, social media, photography and video. Drop by our facebook and twitter pages once your done and tell us what you think and why not suggest your own links to be included in our daily round up?


Bookies are cutting odds on Kate and Wills taking to the floor for their first dance to – what else but: Dancing QueenLadbrokes are giving odds of just 6/4 that the Abba classic will be choice of the newly weds.  They’re so confident that they have put together a spoof film of Kate and Wills lookalikes – complete with corgies – bustin’ some moves to the tune with the help of Pineapple Studios’ dance teacher Andrew Stone. A clever piece of PR by Labdrokes or some smart thinking to allow them to cut out any chunky payments to those keen to place some big cash on the Royal Wedding betting?


With so many smart phones on the market these days, it was only a matter of time before certain similarities started appearing between handsets. However, Apple has not been so understanding of the whole “follow the market leader” concept – and has launched a lawsuit against rival manufacturer Samsung over its Galaxy phone. While there’s no doubt that there are some striking similarities between the Galaxy and the iPhone, these are no more or less than those found in a lot of other handsets on the market. Imitation is the best form of flattery – so Apple should concentrate on maintaining their product’s position as the UK’s premier handset of choice, rather than trying to bankrupt their competitors.


The planet is making a conscientious effort to become more green, and this has now even extended to golf balls. Researchers in Maine, USA, have created the first ever biodegradable golf balls made with crushed lobster shells. In particular, these lobster balls can be used for people teeing off on cruise ships, so their sporting efforts are not destroying the environment. And they’re cheaper than the $1 biodegradable golf balls currently on the market, as the raw materials for the lobster shell balls cost as little as 19 cents per ball. They don’t go as fast, but you know, every little helps.


Need to relax, unwind or simply remind yourselves that our time on this wonderful planet is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest? Then fire up this video of time-lapse photography, kickback and enjoy the amazing view and chill out with the simple piano soundtrack. That should get everything back on track.


Yesterday we gave you NHS staff at a Manchester dancing to the YMCA to promote how cleanliness can prevent spread of MRSA and today we have another video courtesy of the NHS, this time from NHS dentists in Northamptonshire. In a bid to get more men between the ages of 16-35 to attend regular check ups, they have created this rather risqué advert featuring a sultry beauty who is seduced by a vampire until she gets a whiff of his breath. In her broad accent she tells him exactly how it is….’looks like something died in there you should see a dentist!’ The 1min 30secs video has so far had just 617 views on YouTube, but with 40,000 men in the area avoiding check ups, lets hope its gets more views – if only for the dental hygiene of Northamptonshire men!