Best Bits To Tickle Your Fancy On A Tuesday

by Sarah Drummond

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

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Anyone thinking of visiting Japan, who is a particular fan of squid, well, can I just say you are in for a treat. Known as ‘odoi-don’ or, as the English translation would have it ‘dancing squid rice bowl’, this popular dish is unusual because, although the squid is dead, when soy sauce is poured on it, it dances. This is because the soy sauce fires neurons in the body, and results in a twitching motion. The dish is traditionally served with rice. Yum. Personally, think I’ll give it a miss.


On Friday we brought you the hilarious image of the camera hogging stingray which hijacked a photo of three women holidaying in some unknown tropical location.
The photo has gone viral in just a few days after being posted on Reddit, but no one seemed to know the story until now.
Texan school teacher Sarah Bourland has now stepped forward to tell her story of the hilarious incident.
She was on Spring Break five years ago in The Cayman Islands at a local tourist attraction called Stingray Island when the photographer unexpectantly flipped a nearby stingray, taking them by surpise and capturing the exact moment of terror/hilarity.


With over one million ‘Likes’ on Facebook the Embarrassing Nightclub Photos of the Week has became a regular in a lot of people’s newsfeeds and it looks like the page creators may have got their inspiration from this guy. Ewan Spencer has been taking photos of teenagers for the past 15 years and it set to exhibit them in his new show ‘England’s Dreaming.’ I think it is safe to say that Ewan’s photos are a lot tamer and frankly, more tasteful that some of the belters you see on the Embarrassing Nightclub Photos page!​


The brand is well known for helping ladies across the UK to lose weight on their ‘Special K’ diet and now it is helping them save pennies. Kellogg’s decided to celebrate the launch of its Special K cracker chips by opening a pop up shop where the official currency is Tweets instead of pounds. The store which has been dubbed the ‘Tweet Shop’ invites customers to post tweets which contain the hashtag #tweetshop and sees them getting a packet of crisps in the flavour of their choice in return. Absolutely fabulous if you ask me!


A warning to all smartphone owners: U.S. military researchers have created a mobile app that creates a 3D map of a phone’s immediate surroundings. The worry is that this technology could be hijacked by criminals or spies, allowing them to steal personal information and ‘download’ the physical space to prepare for a break-in. Already in circulation is the ‘PlaceRaider’ app that sneakily uses Android phone cameras to take new images while collecting orientation data from the phone’s accelerometer (The device that flips your screen horizontally). The information can then be uploaded to a central computer that combines the best images into a 3D virtual map of a person’s house. Scary stuff.​

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