Before And After PR Pictures to Really Get Your Teeth Into

by Scott Douglas

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Transformation story is made real thanks to hair and beauty PR photos

Cosmetic dental work before and after

SOME unusual things stick with me from my days in newspapers.

Notably, they are a love of before and after pictures, a penchant for weird and wonderful x-ray images and a wide-eye inability to resist information graphics.

It makes sense to me, because all of these are great for bringing a story alive and lifting it off the page. Various editors I worked under demanded these kind of things on a daily basis.

To this day I’m a sucker for any of these story visual aids.

At Holyrood PR we adopt many of the practices we learned in newspapers and apply them as best we can to the work of a Scottish PR Agency.

So, there’s no need to elaborate on the oohing and ahhing I was going through when presented with these images by new client, Lubiju.

There’s othing more to say really. Except, if I knew how, I would have added wee “before” and “after” labels to these pictures. Even though it should be glaringly obvious which is which, since the client in question is a cosmetic dentist.

Chuffed though I am to present these images, you can bet I’m not half as pleased with the results as the (now proud) owner of these gleaming gnashers – Rachel Finlayson, whose touching story appeared as a two page spread in Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum magazine

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