Become a Digital Guru: Our Guide to Modern PR

by Kenny Murray

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Our guide to understanding the complicated world of PR for business in a digital age.

Complicated world of digital PRSOMETIMES it seems as though you simply don’t have enough pairs of hands.

It’s a sinking feeling you’ll be familiar with if you own or run a successful business.

Often one of the first things to suffer as a result is that all important reputation. After all, whose got time to take care of your profile while you’re taking care of business?

It used to be so simple, didn’t it? Take out a listing in the Yellow Pages, maybe place an advert in local newspapers or radio stations and possibly send out the occasional press release with a photo attached. Bob’s your uncle.

Now it’s just too damn complicated. Which online news sites are credible? Which bloggers should you be reaching out to? How do you tell your story effectively on social media? Were and when do you need photography? How about video. And just what is the point of Pinterest or Instagram exactly? Does anyone even send out “press releases” anymore?

So many questions. So much to think about. Who needs the hassle, eh?

Well, sit back, relax and let the trusted public relations experts here at Holyrood PR explain how to make life an awful lot easier in these distracting digital times. It’s not just your essential business guide to public relations in the digital era – it’s like having an extra pair of hands.


Digital Guru Guide Part 1 – For Immediate Release: Why do businesses still use Press Releases in a digital era?

Press Releases in the Digital AgeThe first press release was written and telegrammed in 1906 – and the basic format hasn’t changed much since.  However, we explain the many ways the basic template can be augmented and enhanced to turbocharge the results in the 21st century to make sure your business reaps the rewards.


Digital Guru Guide Part 2 – Food for thought – what your business needs to know about media relations in the digital age

SmorgasbordHungry for a positive media profile, but don’t know where to start? The media menu used to be simple  – now it is a never ending and complicated set of options. Our essential guide for businesses explains how to enjoy the media Smorgasbord.


Digital Guru Guide Part 3 – Crisis Communications in a time of smartphones

Crisis Media AlarmIn the world of smartphones your business reputation can be harmed in the blink of an eye. Churchill said a lie could get halfway around the world before the truth had its boots on – and that was in a world without Twitter or Facebook. Our guide seeks to explain just how to manage a crisis in a time of smartphone technology – even small business can get caught out without a plan.



Digital Guru Guide Part 4 – Smartphones, software and social media mean you could do your own PR on the go. But should you?

DIY PR - Lady with a drillWith all the tools and gizmos available today, it may seem easy to consider a “Do it Yourself” PR strategy. Check our helpful hints and tips on some of the tools you could use, what you need to know, as well as looking at the potential pitfalls of DIY PR.



Work with PR experts who’ll make you feel like you have an extra pair of hands – not like you have your hands full

 We’d love the chance to speak with you about how our public relations services could deliver impressive results for your business.

If you want your reputation to shine across all of the platforms where your customers are, you need to work with experts who understand how to tell your business stories across all the varied and different platforms that make up the modern media landscape.

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Kenny Murray of Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, Scotland

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