Beauty Secret of Hollywood Stars Now Helps Scots Roll Back Ageing Effects

Sculpta cosmetic clinic Press releases

Beauty Secret of Hollywood Stars Now Helps Scots Roll Back Ageing Effects

Sculpta cosmetic clinic Press releases

Sculpta Derma RollerSculpta Clinic Tackles Effects Of AgeingWith Treatment of The Stars

The UK’s first ever one-stop-shop for cosmetic procedures is now offering a revolutionary new procedure designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne, scars and sun damaged skin, to give a smoother and youthful appearance.

One of the best kept secrets of the beauty world and revered by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, the Derma Roller treatment is now available at Sculpta Cosmetic Clinic in Glasgow’s West End, allowing women and men across Scotland to get the perfect skin they’ve always wanted.

The treatment works by promoting natural skin repair regeneration through a process of micro needling. The Derma Roller itself consists of 192 micro needles which when rolled across the skin; make minute holes in the epidermis skin layer.

Designed to promote self healing, the penetration made by the roller incites the skin into action to heal itself in its own natural way.

The post traumatic response of the skin is to create collagen and elastin – the skins two key building blocks. As there has been no real damage to the existing collagen, the new formations of it then add to the existing levels giving a plumper and smoother appearance.

The creation of new collagen takes up to six weeks to occur after the treatment and over a period of months patients will see a visible improvement to the area with long lasting effects. Depending on the condition of the skin and the area treated, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment at 6 weekly intervals.

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Clinical director of Sculpta Cosmetic Clinic Dr Ahamad said: “The Derma Roller is a fantastic skin treatment which helps to treat some of the more difficult skin problems such as acne scars and stretch marks.

“On a par with expensive and timely treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing the treatment is unique in that it has minimal down time with patients appearing moderately red faced for just 24 hours afterwards, rather than swelling and redness for at least a week.

“Although the procedure sounds scary, it is actually virtually painless as a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin beforehand numbing the pain and the micro needles pierce only the top layer of the skin – creating a tingling rather than a painful sensation.”
The treatment is performed by one of the clinics highly trained staff and each patient undergoes an individual consultation to determine the areas to be treated and the best course of treatment.

For the treatment of acne scarring and stretch marks, Derma Roller may be used with a combination of other treatments to maximise results.

Dr Ahmad adds: “Derma Roller has been identified as a key component of managing skin conditions in the early phases of treatment and has proven to be very successful, minimising the need for more advanced treatments such as laser resurfacing.

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“At Sculpta Clinic we only use the Derma Roller rather than other copy cat treatments as this it is the most safe and reliable product on the market and it has been specifically designed to optimize results with as minimal side effects as possible.

“We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality products available in order to achieve the maximum benefits for all of our patients.”

As well as the Derma Roller treatment, the clinic also offers a range of innovative skin treatments such as micro dermabrasion, anti-wrinkle injections, acne and pigmentation treatment and laser resurfacing.

Popular treatments such as pain free laser hair removal (click here for details), Vaser ‘wide awake’ liposuction, Med Contouring, laser tattoo removal, hair implantation, bespoke teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry; along with the clinics own weight management programme Sculpta Slim, complete the extensive list of treatments available.

The clinic also provides all of its clients with a 24 hour on-call medical doctor to offer the best in after care. That is just some evidence of being client focused.

The team at Sculpta Clinic works with equipment not yet seen anywhere else in Scotland, offering the best aesthetic treatments and medical care possible and strives to be at the forefront of all new clinically proven treatments and products, to deliver only the very best results for its patients.

For further information on the treatments available at Sculpta Clinic (13 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, G3 7SL), contact Dr Ahmad or a member of the team on
0845 277 0989 or alternatively visit

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