Beating The Monday Blues With Five Web Links

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Beating The Monday Blues With Five Web Links

Holyrood PR Blog

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It’s been a very busy month in Edinburgh and no, I’m not just talking about us here in the Holyrood office! As I’m sure you are aware thousands of tourists descend upon the city during August for the Fringe Festival, but that has now sadly came to an end (until next year anyway). However, the magic and brilliance of the festival was captured right up until the last second as it ended with a magnificent 45 minute long fireworks display. Have a gander at the stunning images below if you don’t believe me!


I don’t know about everyone else, but for me the words ‘bacon’ and ‘cocktail’ go together about as well as ‘dairy milk’ and ‘diet’. However, Anatomical Cocktails, London’s most doolally pop-up cocktail bar, seems to disagree. From this October you will be able to sample a ‘Charred Remains’ at the St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum in London. This innovative, if, in my opinion, slightly rancid-sounding drink, is the creation of mixologist James Dance and is a modern, madcap twist on the classic Bloody Mary. Made from vodka, Jack Daniels, tabasco, Worcester sauce, black food colouring, paprika, pepper and lemon this drink is one I will be (charred) body-swerving.

WHAT A D**CKHEAD (Victoria)

A new species of fish has been discovered which can claim to be an actual d**khead.The ‘phallostethus cuulong’ was recently found by researchers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and has fascinated scientists with the placement of it’s sex organ. For most fish, fertilisation occurs outside of the female’s body, but for this family of fish, the eggs are fertilised inside. The penis is located on it’s chin, and features a rod and jagged hook for clutching onto the female during mating…how romantic!


Recently on the tube in London, I was surrounded by women of all ages – young students, working professionals, mothers possibly even grandmothers. They all had one thing in common – every single one was unashamedly reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The book has been called erotic. That can’t be true – the sex scenes are sporadic, and to be frank, a lot of chat about bondage but no action. So what is turning people on? Victoria Coren has the answer – Food. Here’s one example of why she thinks so: “‘As much as I’d like to take you here and now, you need to eat,’ he murmurs against my lips.'”

So 21st Century fantasy is all about a masterful man who constantly wants the herione to eat? Finally, the world makes sense.


For some, a tattoo represents a feeling or it is a symbol for something. For me, my tattoos each represent something in my life, from traveling to the meaning of my surname. However, I don’t think I could go as far as these tattoo geeks have. From a full chest tattoo of the Spiderman suit ripping through skin, to Dell and Google logos, these tattoos are truly ink-credible.