Beating the bogus workmen is as easy as C-C-C

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Beating the bogus workmen is as easy as C-C-C

Scottish Water Blog

03-FEB-Bogus-WorkmenFollowing a spate of Bogus Caller incidents in Dundee at the weekend, Scottish Water is issuing advice to customers across Tayside and Fife.

Four elderly residents were targeted by a conmen claiming to work for Scottish Water. In one incident a frail 90-year old pensioner was robbed of a four-figure sum.

Scottish Water is reminding householders of their ‘Three C’s’ advice – Chain, Check and Call, if they want to beat the Bogus Callers, who prey on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s Customer Service Delivery Director is reminding customers that not everyone calling at their door is who they claim to be:

“As our £2.5 Billion Capital Investment Programme continues to roll out across Scotland, Scottish Water workers are highly visible in towns and villages across the country. However, there are those who would take advantage of our essential work, to improve water and waste water services, by posing as bogus water employees.

“All our employees carry identity cards, which they are more than happy to show when requested to do so. Householders shouldn’t let anyone into their home until they are sure of their identity. Our employees will be more than happy to wait while you close the door and check this.

“If you’re on your own and feel that you need more support then call a neighbour or a friend, and if you are at all worried about a caller, then please contact the police straight away.”

It’s easy to remember – the Three C’s – Chain, Check and Call:

1. Chain –  Use a door chain if you have one and ask to see the caller’s identity card.  If they do not have one then send them away!

2. Check – Check the identity card carefully: Is the photo on the card the same as the person at the door? Does the card contain the Scottish Water Customer Helpline number? Has the card been tampered with in any way?

3. Call – If you are in any doubt about the caller’s identity please call our Customer Helpline on 0845 601 8855.  The caller should not be allowed access. If you are still suspicious contact a neighbour or call the police.

Caring for our customers is paramount and we are delighted to have the support of police forces across the country in getting our message across.

That’s a message that is reiterated by Water UK.

Chief Executive, Pamela Taylor is calling on communities to help beat Bogus Callers together:

“Water UK supports the national campaign to tackle this terrible crime, which deliberately targets the most vulnerable in our communities. We support Scottish Water in their initiative to work together with the police and other agencies in removing the opportunities for bogus callers to strike.

“Scottish Water is actively encouraging everyone to be absolutely sure before letting anyone into their homes and to help protect their neighbours, families and friends.”

On occasion when Scottish Water needs access to customer’s property we normally try to contact them in advance and arrange a suitable time. However, there may be occasions when we need to cold-call, but all our staff carry ID badges and are happy to display these on arrival. We never call at a customer’s home to collect money.

In a bid to help protect customers against Bogus Callers, Scottish Water’s marketing department is again offering an Anti Bogus Caller Pack which contains a personal electronic alarm, window sensor, door viewer, UV Marker Pen and guard bar.

Packs are available to the first 50 customers contacting Scottish Water’s Customer Marketing Department by emailing [email protected]  or writing to us quoting Bogus Caller Pack, Customer Marketing, PO Box 8855 Edinburgh EH10 6YQ.


For further information please contact the Scottish Water Press Office on (01383) 848 236