Beat The Monday Blues With Our Online Pick Me Ups

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Beat The Monday Blues With Our Online Pick Me Ups

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THE [email protected]#* KIDS SAY (Laura) 

Kids come out with the funniest things sometimes and this latest advert from NSPCC plays upon this idea in a disturbing way, with the intention of drawing our attention to possible child abuse. The ad starts quite light hearted with kids coming out with totally random comments (my favourite is the wee scouse boy who wonders why his nanna’s skin doesn’t fit her face) but it then takes a dark turn as the kids come out with things that children definitely shouldn’t be saying. Its another hard hitting ad from the NSPCC and its creative team – lets hope that it makes a difference to those kids who need it.


I am still in fashion mode after the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show last week and hungry for more. Vintage fashion is a firm favourite of mine and this is why I particularly liked this article. The art fund is holding a sale of vintage designer clothes in the form of a pop up shop at Bourne Fine art gallery in May. The shop will be selling pieces from the likes of Miu Miu and Chloe. All funds will be going to the Art Fund which provides financial support for artistic ventures from local galleries to great works of art. I think this will be a great event and if you’re lucky enough you may even snap up a great pair of vintage Jimmy Choos. See you there!


Plenty fooled fools in the traditions of the first day of April! I tried one on my flatmate which worked for a whole five minutes before my lies were blasted apart. If you thought you produced a belter of a trick read this round up from around the web. Google burst onto the fool scene yesterday with an overhaul of the map application.


Holyrood PR is very unique in the industry as through our sister company, Deadline News, we have access to a huge bank of professional photographs that we find an invaluable tool for our PR campaigns.  It’s rather amusing to browse through our stock images and laugh at the bizarre photos that have been acquired over the past 12 years.  I stumbled upon a blog called ‘Awkward Stock Photos’ that compiles innappriate imagery, bizarre still life shots and classic cliches brought to life from digital media agencies such as Getty and Shutterstock.  Maybe I will submit some of Deadline’s…

HOLY COW! (Emma)

When baby cow Lilli was born a couple of months ago, vets feared the worst and it was expected she would die shortly after being born.  The calf was born with a rare genetic disorder which meant she was left with 2 extra legs, which are attached to her back.  However, Lilli has surpassed everyone’s expectations and 7 weeks on, she is fighting fit.  She has become a celebrity in her homeland of Switzerland and has featured in news stories all over the world.  These cute pictures show her looking fit and healthy, grazing in the field with her owner.  At first I wasn’t sure if this was an April Fool’s or not, but I hope it’s real because she is so cute!