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I am not shamed to admit it – I loved Rupaul’s Drag Race. It was a television show I tuned into on my laptop throughout university, and now are helping me relive my obsession with ‘The 22 most important life lessons from “Rupaul’s Drag Race”’. It’ hard to choose a favourite, however ‘I’ll pee on your pillow’ and ‘the bigger the hair the closer to God’ are two outstanding examples. Oh how I miss it. For all of you who have yet to experience the joy of Rupaul, get it watched.


We all know people can get star-studded when you meet a celeb, and it can completely scramble your thought for fear of messing up or saying the wrong thing. When you work at the BBC, and in particular, Radio 1, you would think that interviewing a celeb would come natural.
I’m not 100% sure if this was his first interview but a young interviewee by the name of Chris, is given the chance ever lad would want, to meet and interview Mila Kunis about her new movie role. What makes this hilarious and awkward is that he spends the most of the conversation trying to take her to a football game to see Watford, or to his local pub for ‘lad bombs’. Then, when the topic is brought back on track, he then talks about his pal Dicko.
However, this video has become a big hit online, with over 300,000 views in just a day. Will he be asked to interview again? 


Have you ever wondered what the name for the wrinkles on your wrist is? Well this handy Top 27 of everyday things you didn’t know, lists the answers to odd questions like this and will help build your knowledge of these kind of words. For example, did you know a punt is the name given to the bottom part of a wine bottle? No? Well have a glance over this list and impress your friends with your new found knowledge of frissons, collywobbles and a nurdles.


Alex Warrant, an innovative PR student, was tasked with finding a 40 week work placement as part of his Public Relations degree at Bournemouth University. Alex decided that traditional CV’s went against everything the PR industry stands for and with that he conjured up the Adopt a Student Campaign. Armed with just £6 and a whole lot of confidence the campaign was designed to mimic the format of a traditional charity appeal which involved a microsite, email campaigns, social media, local press and of course the YouTube viral video. Through the campaign Alex was contacted by more than 25 organisations which lead to offers from the NHS, Lapthom Law and a number of other PR agencies. Since the success of his Adopt a Student stunt Alex has worked for Sir Richard Branson and Oakley to name a few, not bad for a budget of £6! 


Ever wondered if you’d step up to the mark if you walked into a murder in progress? The scene is put to the test with unassuming victims stepping into the midst of a strangulation murder inside a New York City lift.
Some of the reactions are heroic, others hmmm not so much. One guy looks like he’s cotemplating leaving in ignorance only to step in and help with an expression that looked like this had the inconveience similar to finding a public toilet is out of order.
What would you do? Reach for the fire extinguisher or the mobile phone?