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Bank Holiday Monday Links

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Meet an inmate

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I remember at school when having a pen pal abroad was a huge novelty. If that desire is still within you and perhaps wasn’t interesting enough in your younger years then will certainly catch your attention!
It lists hudreds of male and female American convicts of all ages seeking a friend and they would probably make a very interesting one at that!!
Most don’t admit to their crime but you can’t help but feel for some especially one woman who claims she’s quickly losing her sense of humour!


You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to house building, but this house in Austria takes design to the limits after being built upside down! Owners Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski have purposefully and pianstakingly built the topsy turvy house, which has since become a tourist attraction, attracting visitors from all over the world. The house has everythhing even a genuin VW Beetle attached to the roof of the garage – makes you feel pretty spaced out just looking at the pictures!–includes-garage-car-parked-ceiling.html


Freedom from Torture, a rehabilitation foundation for victims of torture, has placed a series of unexpected job adverts to increase awareness of its work. Seeking an abuser, a torturer and kidnapper the adverts call for applicants who are experienced in “terrorising small communities” and “inflicting extreme pain and suffering.” Whilst the positions may not be real, the ads stress that individuals fulfil these roles and there are no shortage of applicants. These powerful ads will have certainly grabbed the attention of many last week when they appeared in The Independent and The Guardian.


It’s the most talked about sporting event in Edinburgh at the moment and I’m sure like me everyone will know someone who is going. The Hearts and Hibs cup final on the 19th May has been causing all kind of chaos in people’s lives, I’ve heard of at least three people who are away on holiday on the day and they are absolutely gutted about it. I even heard of someone who is going on their holiday to Spain with their wife but is going to fly back to watch the game then jump on the next plan back to his wife. This hearts fan has the same idea only he is leaving his family holiday in Florida to come back and will have a 16 hour round trip just to see the boys in maroon play against the Hibees. For his sake I really hope they win plus the fact I’m a hearts fan!


An article on the BBC News website today has highlighted the increase in ‘adult playgrounds.’ It is now becoming normality for exercise machines to be found neighbouring children’s merry-go-rounds, swings and slides. Taking influence from China, the popularity of the outdoor gym is fast increasing in the UK. One London district boasts a total of nine! It is believed that the ever impending Olympics – which we have heard oh so much about already – has increased demand with outdoor gym equipment sales increasing by 1,200% in 2012. Best keep your gym gear handy in case that afternoon stroll through the park turns into a full blown workout!