Baker Does An Eggcellent Job

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Baker Does An Eggcellent Job

Cuckoo's Bakery Press releases
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Suzanne Burns, who is the head baker at Cuckoo’s Bakery on Dundas Street, Edinburgh,  is just about to crack her 70,000th egg just as the bakery is about to go into its second year of business. The bakery has served much loved cupcake creations such as Velvet and Raspberry and White Chocolate.  Suzanne will go into the bakery at 2AM and can crack up to 180 eggs which end up making 700 handmade and well presented cupcakes.

Suzanne, said: “It’s almost unbelievable to think that I have cracked so many eggs since starting working here – especially when you think of the amount of chickens it would have taken to lay them!

“You don’t really think too much about the ingredients which go into your cupcakes and many people forget that there is so much involved. For everyone here at Cuckoo’s it is important to get the right balance and quality of ingredients which is why all our eggs are free range and locally sourced.

“Eggs are one of the main ingredients of our cupcakes, but they are also used for a whole host of other treats on our menu such as our delicious layer cakes, scones and even our homemade pastry items – you can certainly get a lot of a humble egg.

“The number of eggs we go through is incredible and a real testament to the strength and popularity of the bakery, thanks to our quirky flavours, quality baking and of course stellar service from the front of house team.”

Suzanne, who is originally from Limerick in Ireland, worked in a bakery since she was 16 but then went onto pursue other careers; then returned to baking as she realised that’s where her talent and passion lay.

The owner of Cuckoo’s Bakery, Graham Savage said: “The quality of our ingredients is important to use, which is why we use locally sourced ingredients whenever we can. As well as the free range eggs we use Scottish butter and flour milled in Fife.

“We believe that knowing where our ingredients have come from adds to the quality of the cupcakes we make.”

The 70,000th egg will be used in a baking display of a variety of new flavours such as: Chocolate Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Vanilla. An individual Cuckoo Cupcake starts at £2.70 each and gift boxes ranging from £19.50 plus – delivery is available for orders of a minimum of six cupcakes within the Edinburgh city bypass. Advance orders can be placed online at or by phone on 0131 556 6224.

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