So Many Highlights, So Little Time: My Time With An Award-Winning PR Agency

by PR Interns

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Overcoming tech phobias and diving in at the deep end are all to be expected in this internship 

Alex Bowles intern at Award Winning PR agency, Holyrood PR

By Alex Bowles

IT’S been a challenging and insightful few weeks, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’ve had so many high points during my internship that it’s hard to pin down any key moments that have made my time at Holyrood PR, but I’ll give it a go.

Microphone or Drowned Rat?

A definitive highlight would have to be accompanying Craig to one of Holyrood’s clients, Gilson Gray,
to film a PR video on GDPR (a new data protection regulation that requires more structured
management of employee data by businesses and means severe penalties for non-compliance).

Initially, I was tasked with holding the ‘boom’ (which is apparently a microphone, but overtly
resembles a stick with an unidentified furry object attached) while Craig carried out an interview
with one of the partners.

I was quite comfortable with this role as it enabled me to listen and learn, but Craig was having none
of it and decided that it was high time that I took over and asked some questions.

Alongside the interview, I also had to check the camera angles and monitor the microphone pick up
– multi-tasking at its finest.

Although this was suitably scary, (interviewing experienced and successful lawyers on subject matter
I can quite safely say that I know nothing about), it was invaluable and truly rewarding.

It really is accurate that you learn so much quicker when you’re taken out of your comfort zone, and
this was an example of exactly that.

Recovery From Technophobia

Speaking of activities that make me feel uneasy, it’s perhaps worth giving a progress update on the development of my Photoshop capabilities.

I’m having a lot more success and I now feel reasonably confident that I could create a media
montage in less time than my grandma.

With the help of the Melissa and Cat, I’ve managed to get my head round Photoshop and actually
quite enjoy using it now.

So as insignificant as it may seem, my technological journey has to be a memorable part of my time
here at Holyrood.

Dr. Pepper…It’s Not For Women

I also had fun researching and drafting a blog on the recent sexist ad ban that The Advertising
Standards Authority plans to introduce.

Seeing some of the questionable (and, might I say, rather naughty) ads that were apparently
acceptable in the 90s was shocking, entertaining and a little bit nauseating.

I enjoyed constructing my thoughts and opinions into a blog that weighed up both sides of the
argument. Needless to say, to assure anyone who happened to be in doubt, I did in fact conclude
that sexism is a bad thing – diplomatic, I know.

When All Is Said And Done

To bring my final blog to a close, I have to thank everyone at Holyrood PR.

Between writing press releases, scheduling tweets and calling journalists, I haven’t stopped and I’m
so grateful to the entire team for everything they’ve taught me (particularly about Scottish cuisine,
who knew square sausage was a thing?).

I’m also happy to hear that a press release for volunteers at Bield’s retirement developments, that I
issued and made follow-up calls for, has had a lot of coverage. It makes the time spent chasing up
journalists all the more worth it.

As it is so aptly put on the Holyrood website regarding the internship here, I’ve been making
headlines not tea…and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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