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Colonel Gaddafi is often is the man behind a 42 year reign of fear and terror in Libya, but this video footage obtained by Reuters news agency shows his more playful side whilst looking after two of his grandchildren at his famous tent in Tripoli. The children play a game of ghosts; eat dinner and even clamber all over the dictator as takes a rest – a far cry from the war and poverty incited during his reign. Watching the footage it is quite easy to forget that he is one of the World’s most wanted men and think of him as a loving and quite vulnerable grandfather.


Although we’ve got ever-shrinking mobile phones and computers on our high street shelves, I’ve never accepted that we’re now living in “the future”. But if this story being teased online is true, I may have to take this view back. The rumour is that Nike are about to reveal a version of the shoes from Back to the Future 2. You know, the self-lacing ones that Marty McFly wears in the year 2015. The ones that were clearly a movie gimmick designed to make you go “wow. Self lacing future shoes from a sci-fi film. How awesome would that be if they were real?” Well Nike are about to put them on sale, which is frankly mind-blowing.OK toy/clothing/sports manufacturers, this has raised the bar for all of you. If I don’t see a fully-working hoverboard within two years I will not be happy.


It’s not often you see a monkey riding about on a pig backwards but this very surreal video clip posted onto Youtube, shows exactly that.  The video begins with a man opening a cage and out shoots the monkey pig.  The literal piggy back scene is shot in an unknown location, however, regardless of where it is I’m pretty sure this scene would leave you wondering if you were tripping.  The monkey looks pretty attached to it’s porky companion and when a passerby starts to feed the pig and accidently knocks the monkey off, the wee thing shrieks makes a fruitless leap of attack at the feeder’s feet and makes a mad dash for the pig who continues running.  They are quickly reunited and the rather unusually paired companions continue on their journey.


When they’re not busy trying to find cures for cancer or the key to life in the universe, it seems that our scientists like nothing more than messing about with small animals. Whether it be lab rats, monkeys or rabbits, if it’s tiny and of lesser intelligence, the chances are that a scientist will dick around with it in the name of research. In this latest test, it’s fiddler crabs that are receiving the science treatment. Using a series of mechanical robo-claws, an Australian team has been studying the effects that this technology has on real, live female crabs and their mating preferences. And the results suggest that these poor creatures will make a lust-fuelled beeline for the biggest most impressive display of claw-waving possible – presumably before feeling pretty hard done by when they find out that a robot is to blame for their hyper-horny state of mind.  Top work Australia. Now do some real work.


Take 175,000 young people. Add in almot 9000 water filled balloons. Mix together on a large sports field. Agitate gently then leave for around 10 minutes. Ta dah! You’ve just created a world record breaking water fight. Enjoy the video.–looks-incredibly-fun