As they say in Scotland – “Gutted” to leave

Intern Programme
By Vitaliya Klimashevska
PR Intern for August

YOU may think I’m crazy but I am devastated my public relations internship in Holyrood PR Agency is coming to an end. I have never seen my strengths and weaknesses clearer than while working in the award-winning PR agency.

If you read my first week’s blog you will know that I wanted to find out if I was born to be a public relations expert. I’m not sure if four weeks is enough to come to that conclusion, but I can certainly confirm that public relations is the career I am going to pursue.

I have learnt so during my time at Holyrood PR, from uploading press releases to writing them myself, uploading various media coverages and much more. What I like the most about the company is that it is able to provide PR services to an extremely diverse range of clients: from care homes to law firms. I learnt that in order to be an expert in public relations you’ve got to have the ability to make all your stories eye-catching. I can see that the improvement in my own PR skills is huge.

In my first week’s blog I also mentioned I’m not a shy person however I must admit, doing everything in a second, or perhaps third language (I speak Ukrainian too) might be intimidating. I used to have a fear that everything I write or say is nonsense, but the Holyrood PR team proved the opposite and made me realise that you can always learn. I was also terrified of making phone calls and now it is one of my favourite tasks. Everyday I became more confident, professional and highly skilled in the industry I love.

This leads to my next confession, which I hope you take as advice. Undertaking work experience is essential, it provides exactly that – experience. As mentioned, it also gives you confidence – a vital skill in this fast moving world – and puts you head and shoulders above the competition. Four extremely different, jam-packed weeks which turned my beautiful ‘Vogue’ notepad into a not so pretty but full of useful information handbook for public relations – now I prefer it like this. I was also the lucky one as I was invited to attend, Summer Media Event organised by Business writer, Terry Murden, along with Holyrood PR team. I really felt like one of the team and I truly do not wish to leave.

I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Today, I leave Holyrood PR, one step closer to my successful future. I am filled with new skills, knowledge and so much motivation, all thanks to suchprofessional team. Work experience is useful but work experience at Holyrood PR is exceptional. Wish me luck and good luck to you if you have the foresight to apply for an internship at Holyrood PR.


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