As the Godfathers of Scottish PR we’ve just arranged a triple shooting

by Chris Fairbairn

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Trio of picture ‘hits’ is all in a day’s work for our public relations agency

Scottish public relationa agency Holyrood PR is the Godfather of Scottish PRLISTEN up, chump. If your face doesn’t fit, we’ve got a specialist we can call on to make your little problem disappear. Capisce?

Behind the Mafioso melodrama, the truth is that our Scottish PR agency really does call on the services of a professional hit man. Or at least a man who helps us fashion bona fide PR hits.

Of course the shoots are of the photographic variety and our preferred camera man is a seasoned pro who recently carried out three separate “hits” for one of our clients in a single day.

High-quality images are vital to the story telling process, so our Scottish public relations agency urges all of our PR clients to consider PR photography as often as possible.

Among those clients fully convinced of the power of PR photography is wind energy firm, Banks Renewables – and we broke one of our own records by arranging three separate photo shoots for them in one day.

Why should your business consider PR photography?

PR agency in Edinburgh highlight why PR photography is so crucial for your businessWhether you are a corporate hotshot or a star of a musical, a good PR photographer will help you to shine.

Yet the truth is that, even in this age of ubiquitous camera phones and the selfie culture, many people remain painfully camera shy. For whatever reason, they feel their face doesn’t fit and the thought of being photographed is deeply uncomfortable.

However, a top notch professional snapper like ours will have years of professional experience in putting people at easy and making sure even the most shy, awkward or reluctant photo subjects end up enjoying the experience and owning the moment.

Meanwhile our PR photography delivers incredible business value, boosting media coverage, providing fresh content for websites, social media, newsletters, staff intranets and brochures.

Essential business guide to public relations photography from Holyrood PR in EdinburghPICTURE PERFECT – Powerful PR photography is crucial for businesses, with the right images making a dramatic impact on success. Our essential guide delivers a compelling picture of how high quality photos drive media coverage, website success and social media buzz.


In the three years we have been working in a successful PR partnership with Banks Renewables, they have come to fully appreciate the merits of a great photo shoots – and we are proud to help them capture the right images.

Part of the ethos at our Edinburgh PR agency is to make sure clients get the best possible value from everything we do – and when Banks Renewables had a queue of potential PR photography jobs piling up we did the best thing possible.

Instead of racking up the costs of three separate photoshoots on three separate days, our expert PR team worked their little cotton socks off to coordinate all three jobs on a single day.

Banks Renewables' senior business development manager, Miles CroThat was quite a feat of logistical planning, since the jobs were all in different parts of the country. We arranged everything on behalf of Banks Renewables, including briefing the photo subjects, arranging the venues and making sure the photographer had all the names and information he needed.

First up was a trip to Duns in the Scottish Borders for a shoot at the Renewables experts’ exciting new development at Quixwood Moor where Banks has planning approval to build a 13 turbine wind farm.

That was followed by a trip in-land to Earlston for our roving snapper – to capture a local businessman supportive of the potential Edinburgh PR Photography supports Wind Farm proposalBirneyknowe wind farm, which is propose for a site near Hawick.

Finally our caffeine-fuelled photographer ended the day with a delightful wee photo shoot with members of Glaisnock Valley Bowling Club in Cumnock in East Ayrshire. Because the club is close to the proposed Lethans Wind Farm, it was able to benefit from a Banks Community Fund.

Could you use the services of our PR hitman to make your photographic problems disappear?

If you have a launch event, you’re celebrating a new appointment, marking a business milestone or enjoying praise from satisfied clients or customers, the effects will always be more powerful with accompanying images.

Arranging professional photography ensures you have high-quality images which really reflect the real people, places and services involved in your business. What’s more you own the pictures and can reuse them as you want to in brochures, websites, newsletters and the media.

To find out how our Edinburgh PR Agency can help you, call us on 0131 561 2244 or fill out and send the contact form below.

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    Chris Fairbairn of Scottish public relations agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

    Chris Fairbairn

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