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Around 200 People Turned Out to see Gullane New Home Plans

Cala Homes Press releases

Cala HolmesHOUSE builder CALA Homes has thanked all those who took the time to find out about its plans for two proposed new housing developments in Gullane.

A public consultation event was held at the The Golf Inn on Friday and Saturday, seeing 200 people attend to learn more about the proposals for Fenton Gait East on the eastern edge of the village and Saltcoats Field to the south.

Both sites have been earmarked for development in the East Lothian Council’s draft Proposed Local Development Plan, as part of a wider release of land across the County.

Derek Lawson, Strategic Land Director with CALA Homes (East), said: “We were extremely pleased to see local people turn out in such numbers, in order that they could comment on our design proposals.

“Of course some have concerns about the changes being proposed. This gave us a chance to explain how we hope to be part of a long-term, considered evolution of Gullane, which will bring increased housing choice and associated benefits to the area.

“Like many villages across East Lothian and Scotland, Gullane has changed and grown over time and we want to ensure that the next stage of this growth is planned and managed as best we can and in conjunction with local residents and East Lothian Council.

“Issues like traffic and school places were raised and we shall be working on ways to address these concerns. As a responsible house builder we want to make sure that the families who move into our homes can get access to local school places and that the roads are safe. Those are common goals we have with local people.

“We will be assessing all of their concerns in detail. This should be an opportunity for locals to make sure that any development in Gullane brings long term value to the area, such as school improvements, enhanced links to the countryside, improvements in traffic management and housing choice.”

Fenton Gait East, is situated on the eastern edge of the village and has been identified for an approximate 50 houses, with Saltcoats, to the south-east, for approximately 130. CALA Homes will take on board all feedback to help shape its formal planning applications for both sites, which it expects to submit in early summer.

The developer, which has its national Head Office in Edinburgh, has had a long association with the coastal villages and towns in East Lothian, including current developments in North Berwick, and has previously developed in Gullane.

Details of the proposed sites can be viewed online at




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