Another Year Older, But Who’s Counting?

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Edinburgh PR Agency Explains Why Age Is Often More Than Just A Number

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There are the important landmark birthdays that are a joy to celebrate. Turning 17 means you can finally drive that banged up Nissan Micra that has been sat rusting in your parent’s driveway for the past six months, and then there’s that feeling of pure glee when you buy your first legal bottle of fizzy alcopop just one year later.

The big 2-1, when you officially become a proper adult, traditionally gives you ‘the key to the door’ and the world becomes your oyster. Quite quickly after that, however (or so the old guy Holyrood PR Directors tell me), come the milestone birthdays that you attempt to forget – and so help anyone who endeavours to plan a surprise party.

However, for those that are lucky enough to reach the turn of a century, this benchmark is well worth celebrating, and our Edinburgh PR agency certainly knows how to do just that.

With leading housing and care provider Bupa as a client, our dedicated public relations team understand the importance of commemorating such significant events by adding a little PR birthday sparkle to the top of that candle-brimming cake.

While our expert care client recognises that any birthday over 100 is a significant achievement, we go that extra mile, digging deeper and asking more questions to uncover the nuggets of pure PR gold that many lesser agencies miss. We know just how to pick out those golden stories that will get national media coverage quicker than you can say “For he’s a jolly good fellow!”

The Nan Who Loves Naan

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh help spice up the media coverage for leading are provider

When Bupa’s Balcarres care home informed us that one of its residents – Margaret Phillips – was soon to celebrate her milestone 103rd birthday, we determined that a celebratory press release would be just the ticket to honour the super-centenarian’s wonderful long life.
In speaking to her daughter, we discovered she had lived in India for many years and, with further probing, we unearthed one key ingredient to Margaret’s story, the secret to her incredible longevity: “She loves Indian cuisine and certainly makes a mean curry!” her daughter told us.
From here, “The Nan who loves naan” story was born. A prime example of how a story can be catapulted up the news queue simply because of an eye-catching headline and a quirky angle. Margaret’s spicy tips for a long life led to over 25 pieces of coverage, with national newspapers such as the Daily Star, Daily Express and Scottish Sun all running the piquant piece.

Commsworld Comes Off Age – The B2B example

PR Photography in Scotland

In the more formal corporate world similar tactic can be used for business to business PR.
Not content with simply reaching its benchmark 21st birthday, our telecommunications client Commsworld celebrated in style by announcing a substantial
growth in revenue and revealing that 2015 had been the most successful year in its history.
By combining Commsworld’s coming of age story with the news that its projections for the year had increased 28% to little under £13m, we were able to generate some staggering print and digital coverage.
The story was posted online almost immediately on the Scotsman’s revamped business section, as well as on fellow high impact business news sites, Daily Business Group, BQ Live and Scottish Business News Network – alongside the video release of the story produced by our team. It also featured on the Daily Record, Herald and National’s websites.
Way better than receiving a crumbled up fiver from a long-forgotten relative, we think you’ll agree.

A Crystal Clear Solution

Edinburgh PR agency PR photos for Thames water

And we don’t just do birthdays! Our B2B clients are just as keen to shout about other significant celebrations they are having or milestones they are hitting.
When Thames Water Commercial Services trebled the size of its Scottish operation, we got straight to work on called on publicising its rapid growth and ambitious targets.
By creating an experienced six-strong team in Edinburgh, Thames sought to double the number of its customers with the promise of cheaper, tailored water and wastewater solutions for firms and organisations.
The story proved once again that these kind of milestone occasions are a hit with the press, landing a strong spread of coverage across local Edinburgh media, as well as on trusted business news websites.

And there’s more, this time it’s CALA Homes

Trinity park triumphs in sales

CALA Homes (East) is another client keen to commemorate its big wins.
With many of its upmarket property developments in Edinburgh and the Lothians selling out at a rapid rate, CALA’s sales milestones frequently secure a whole host of national coverage
, with previous significant hits in the most of the national titles.
So if you or your business has a milestone moment approaching, or perhaps a special 2016 event on the horizon, then why not get in touch with our dedicated PR team and see what stories we can unwrap.
We may not be able to bake an impressive cake to mark the occasion, but we know the key ingredients to get your special occasion the coverage it deserves.


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