Hearts Captured in Charity PR Press with Heroic Midwife Tribute

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Act of bravery is remembered 100 years on with tribute shared by our social care PR experts

Hearts Captured in Charity PR Press with Heroic Midwife Tribute

A PROUD woman has paid a proud tribute to her heroic grandmother who died while saving a young child’s life exactly 100 years ago.

Marion McAdam, who is now 89, is a tenant at Bield’s Ochilview Court in Armadale. She is the last surviving relative of Elizabeth Kerr who achieved local fame in 1919 when she rescued a three-year-old girl.

To mark the centenary we worked with proud Marion and the team at care provider Bield to help raise awareness of the century-old story of selfless sacrifice. That tribute story captured the imagination of the media, with results which included:

  • Coverage in print, online and trade publications
  • Online and print coverage in The Herald
  • Prime regional coverage in The Edinburgh Evening News
  • Total opportunities to see: 37,978

On the day of the accident in 1919, Elizabeth, who was a local midwife, was in a shop on Armadale’s Main Street when she noticed a little girl stepping onto the road as a car was approaching. Elizabeth instinctively ran from the shop and pushed the girl out of the car’s path but tragically, was killed herself.

To honour Mrs Kerr’s bravery, the close-knit mining community collected money to pay for a memorial which stands proudly at Armadale Cross. A grant was also received from the Carnegie Trust to mark her act of heroism.

A remembrance service was conducted at the memorial on the 100th anniversary, where local residents, school children and council members were present.

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