World Animal Day celebrated by Edinburgh PR Experts

by Kenny Murray

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

We’ve got a team of characters at our Edinburgh PR Agency and believe that our pets help reflect our personalities

WORLD Animal Day is celebrated on the 4th of October as a means of raising awareness of the plight faced by animals around the world. It is meant primarily to increase knowledge of animal welfare issues around the globe.

The foundation behind World Animal Day describes it as;”…the one day of the year that embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country. It’s a special opportunity to commemorate our love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world”. The event is typically celebrated through animal adoption drives at cat and dog shelters, rabies prevention and other events.

We thought we’d take some time to celebrate it at Holyrood PR and managed to get some of the team to share photos of their pets and thoughts on why their pet is or was a valued member of their family. We’ve also asked the team to highlight an endangered animal they’d like to raise awareness of – with a link included to a charity that helps preserve animals around the globe.

So, without further ado – let’s meet the team and their companions.


PR Experts blog post on Animal DayRaymond is one of the founding partners of Holyrood PR and co-director. His beloved pooch is named Alfie, a miniature Schnauzer. Above is a photo of Alfie when he was brought home for the first time.

Raymond said, “He was supposed to be my wife’s dog – but my literal ‘animal attraction’ won him over and now he is besotted by me and is my bessie. Alfie is my first dog – and completely turned around my pre-conceived thoughts on dog owners and pet pooches. He also is a superb wing man when I’m in my local pub on my own!”

He would like to raise awareness of the Atlantic Right Whale – which got its name because it was the “right whale to hunt”. It’s now endangered and you can help preserve it by adopting a whale with WWF.

PR Experts blog post on Animal DayChris, one of our PR Account Managers, has a Black Labrador named Oscar. First bought when Chris and his younger brother left for the bright lights of Aberdeen and then Loughborough University respectively – the replacement sibling soon took after his fashion sense, not many dogs own a Barbour coat.

Chris said, “Clearly a sartorial pioneer in the doggy world (my dog would be) – big, daft and soft as they come.”

He would like to raise awareness of the Dugong. Described by Chris as looking a bit like an underwater hoover – the Dugong can weigh more than 800 pounds. It is however a vulnerable animal and you can adopt one at WWF to help preserve them.

PR Experts blog post on Animal DayAinsley is another of our intrepid PR Account Managers, her dog sadly passed away in April of last year however Phoebe the Yorkie lived to the ripe old age of 15 despite suffering from epilepsy.

Ainsley said, “We got her when I was 8 (a first pic, which was taken on a Polaroid, check it out below!). She hated all humans except for the immediate fam (me, my sister and my mum and dad) and hated all other dogs/animals. She also hated walks and being woken up with cuddles. But she loved food. So basically she fit in well. We all miss her but are also grateful that we can now eat our dinner in peace.”

PR Experts blog post on Animal Day

She would like to raise awareness of the Giant Panda – although there is no doubt you know these cute looking creatures. Panda’s are a vulnerable species and you can help support them by adopting one with WWF.

PR Experts blog post on Animal DayKenny is our digital expert. With a household that includes five Chihuahuas it’s safe to say that Kenny is a bona fide animal lover.

Kenny said: “When I met my wife – we’d been together a little while and we had the opportunity to re-home a Chihuahua named Indi. A former ‘Crufts’ showdog, her full name is no less than ‘Hallmar Indi for Thyme with Jot Le Mar’. She was the first of many Chihuahuas and it’d be fair to say she rules the roost. We also have Lily, Bella, Puddin & Koda.

He would like to raise awareness of the plight of the Mountain Gorilla. Besides from Harambe, not enough of us are quite aware of the plight of the Mountain Gorilla. You can donate to WWF today to help.

our new apprentice has two dogs. A West Highland Terrier and Border Collie, Lochsie and Munzie fit well into the Miller clan.

Brodie said: “Lochsie just loves to be comfortable, she’ll always find a free bed in the house and take over it – or equally be hiding under a table waiting to catch any dropped food. Munzie loves to stay under the coffee table, poking his head out only to push a tennis ball around until you throw it for him”.

Brodie would like to raise awareness of the Pangolin. A nocturnal animal covered in armour like scale.They are critically endangered so you can donate to WWF today to help.

PR Experts blog post on Animal DayMary Trend our latest intern has a 12 year old Springer Spaniel named Merlin. A grumpy old man in the making  according to his owner.

Mary said, “He spends all day either sleeping or watching for squirrels. Despite years of patient training, “squirrel” is still the only word he’s ever bothered to learn. If you say it he goes totally crazy and runs rings round the garden trying to sniff them out – once he even jumped straight into a glass window because I accidentally said the ‘s’ word to my brother.”

Mary would like to raise awareness of the Chimpanzee. The sociable animal often portrayed as intelligent but cheeky are an endangered species. You can support them through a donation to WWF.

Now you’ve met the team – If you’re looking for PR experts in Edinburgh you’ll know who you’re talking to and what pets they have.

We’re not just PR experts; we’re sociable and friendly people. We like to find the best stories in and around your business to tell a story.  Get in touch now to find out how we could help you.

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