An Array of Links on this Sunny Wednesday


An Array of Links on this Sunny Wednesday

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A lot of the time when you buy something new you check the inside label on how you need to wash it to avoid it changing colour or shrinking in the wash. Many people would have got a shock if they had purchased something from Madhouse, a high street store for men, when the instructions on the label said ‘give it to your woman- it’s her job.’ Now I’m no feminist but I find that fairly offensive, probably along with most of the population of women out there. However I think as a publicity stunt is quite clever as the failing brand has been brought back into the public forum with many people talking about it on social networking sites like twitter.


Luxury French jeweller Cartier has been getting a lot of attention on social media sites lately for their new advert.  The 3 and a half minute long creation is more like a trailer for a film than for jewellery, and it actually took me quite a while before I realised what it was actually trying to sell me.  There’s no denying it is a very slick and aesthetically pleasing piece of work, but I am unconvinced that the advert alone will make anyone go out there and buy Cartier jewellery.  On the other hand, it has got lots of people talking about the brand, which is essentially the whole point of advertising!  With adverts like this, it’s no wonder their jewellery is so expensive.


If you find it difficult fitting in your daily workouts around your work schedule, an American doctor may just have the answer! Dr James Levine believes that sitting down at a desk all day is as dangerous to a person’s health as smoking, and so he has developed a new ‘standing desk’ concept in response. He claims that by using his treadmill desk, ‘The Walkstation’ workers could burn an extra 100 calories a day and shed 57lbs a year. We are having an office refit, so perhaps this is an idea to suggest to our directors…


If you have been involved in selling a home then you know that your schedule has to be perfect and the rooms are to be immaculate and look appealing to those who are looking to buy it. When I was moving house I visited a few houses and some we clean and spacious where some were dirty and had their washing up in the house. Infact, I even visited a house where the children, who were about 14/15 years old, were still in bed! But before someone views your house the photos have to sell it to the buyers and these photos are shocking and it would not surprise me if the property was still on the market. What is puzzling is that the estate agents selling them would allow these types of photos to be taken. Would you visit these houses?


The world’s most expensive bar round was revealed this week and rather than it being bought in some swanky L.A bar or top London celebrity hangout it was instead bought in Liverpool of all places! Being a scouser this has bought me no end of stick from people suggesting it was the price of the replacement hubcaps that swung it (not funny!) but the piece still caught my eye because it was a fantastic piece of PR from the Liverpool venue. The financial trader who until this morning remained unnamed blew over £200,000 including £125,000 on the world’s most expensive bottle of champagne at Liverpool’s newest night club Playground at The Hilton and has appeared across several news pages and drinks blogs. It’s a great piece of promotion for the club, showing it to be the latest place to be and suggesting that Liverpool is now a place to rival some of London’s swankiest areas. Kudos to the PR team for spotting the story potential in this as even a day after the story broke, several follow up stories have been released including the fact that the trader Alex Hope has been ‘told off’ by his mum for the lavish spend.