All’s Not Fair In Love And War With Our Top Five Links


All’s Not Fair In Love And War With Our Top Five Links

Woman with Stiletto

We think our links are the business, but you might have a different perception. As communicators we are always open to criticism and of course a well deserved pat on the back, so if you have any opinion whatsoever about our links then please share them with us on our facebook and twitter pages.  Because like i always say, shy weans get no cake.  All they get is frustrated.


A woman from Wiltshire is being hunted by police after she was caught on CCTV assaulting an ATM machine with her stiletto heel.  After standing at the machine for about three minutes in total, the woman lost total control, and lashed out at the machine with her shoe, striking the “hole in wall” around 50 times. Following the assault, the woman appeared to have calmed down, and attempted to use the machine a second time.  However, she quickly lost the plot again, this time taking a run at the Barclay’s cash machine and unleashing another ferocious attack with her high heel shoe.  Police are asking anyone who can help identify the woman, to come forward.  Surely it’s better than hitting a banker. Although I agree that it’s not right to attack a poor defenceless cash machine.  Someone might need to use it after you.  Kids it’s not big and it’s not clever.


David Cameron’s suggestions that he may be minded to close the likes of Twitter and Facebook in the light of future public disorder has, not unexpectedly, sparked a reaction not least from those who believe social networks have a key role to play.  Many point to the campaigns like #riotcleanup and #riotwombles which were quickly established – examples of how social media has been used to support people rather than fuel further lawlessness.  But this interesting blog reports on how the businesses themselves who were directly affected by the London riots believe social networks provided a means for vital crisis communications.      


What better to way to show your dedication to a loved one than to write your names on a padlock before fixing it to a bridge and throwing the keys into the river.

This fad is a reenactment of scenes depicted in Federico Moccia’s best-selling novel Ho Voglia De Te (I Want You) where the main characters display their eternal love by attaching a padlock to Rome’s Milvio bridge and discarding the keys into the Tiber.

The craze has since travelled to Venice where the Rialto bridge is a favourite spot, and even more romantically Verona, where locks have been fixed to the house where Romeo supposedly first seduced Juliet (get me the sick bucket).

No seriously who said romance was dead when the lampposts on Milvio bridge are literally giving way from the weight of the rather heavy love tokens.


Hot on the heels of metrosexual style icons Joey Essex and Matthew McConaughey Peacocks have launched a new range of footwear for men – Muggs, the male ugg boot. Priced at just £12.50 your man can get his hands on a pair of these in store from September, that is if you really want him too. Looking at the pictures of these two stylish celebs, I can’t help but think that those manly men out there will feel like they’ve raided their girlfriends wardrobe stepping out to the shops wearing a pair.


As part of a marketing campaign for their new dollar drinks days in America, McDonald’s created this sculpture which contains over 4,000 dollar coins in the shape of the famous golden arches. Over a period of five hours the sculpture attracted over 4,000 people who all had a go at hacking away at the sculpture to reach the coins within. A fantastic piece of PR and great time lapse video to go with its as – its one of those genius ideas that make you think ‘I wish I’d come up with that idea’.