Allianz Rewards Effective HAV Management

by Aimee Lawrence

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Successful PR in Scotland for Reactec HAVmeterAllianz Insurance customers are being given a special discount on Reactec’s HAVS management solution after the insurer gave recognition that the management solution not only protected employees, but also protected the finances and reputations of organisations. 

Reactec is now one of Allianz’s preferred suppliers regarding appropriate health and safety measures in the workplace. Theyhave produced the HAVmeter solution which accurately monitors and manages operator exposure to vibrations from hand held power tools.

Craig McLaughlin, Casualty Risk Control Manager, at Allianz said: “Managing and not just monitoring vibration is importantand if not done accurately can have seruious consequences. Companies need to be aware that by not having the right procedure in place, they are running the risk of losing money and damaging their reputation if a situation was to arise. Industries who use power tools should be managing HAVS risk effectively.” 

“Risk management is an integral part of running a business. If businesses do not give employees the right tools to use in terms of health and safety, the employer could be legally liable, which can lead to employees taking legal proceedings against their employer.”

Speaking after Allianz’s endorsement, Jim O’Hagan, MD at Reactec said: “We are delighted to be one of Allianz’s preferred suppliers which is a real stamp of approval for the HAVmeter solution. It shows that compaines can have auditable systemsfor HAVS safety management procedures.”

O’Hagan went on to talk about how “many companies within the industry are unaware of the issues they could be subjectedto by not taking the right precautions in terms of staff health and safety. Having this type of association with Allianz has given added credibility to the HAVmeter and can only raise further awareness for the need to improve HAV management.”

At present, the HAVmeter solution is the UK’s leading system for monitoring and managing vibrations exposure. As well asbeing available in major tool hire firms, it’s also the system of choice for many manufactuing companies such asBalfour Beaty, Bam Nuttall Tarmac, Aston Martin, and the Environment Agency.

The original article was featured in Construction News Portal and was secured on behlaf of Reactec as part of a PR campaign with Holyrood PR.

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