All You Need is Five


All You Need is Five

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Whilst most of us are busy posting boozy pictures from our nights out on twitpic, one astronaut from the International Space Station is using the picture sharing network to post a series of breathtaking images all the way from space. From heart shaped sky formations, playing ping pong with the moon and breathtaking star gatherings, Paolo Nespoli’s images are truly amazing and gives us earthlings a fantastic insight into some of the magical things happening above our heads. Some of the images are highlighted in this article by the Telegraph but to see more follow Paolo on twitter @astro_paolo


You have to feel sorry for the poor fans of Fulham FC. Not only have they endured a fairly uninspiring season in the Premiership but now, thanks to another bizarre move by their chairman Mohammed Al Fayed, they have become the laughing stock of English football.

Al Fayed’s latest gaffe has been to erect a colossal statue outside Craven Cottage. Not of a famous manager or chairman – or even one of the players that had proved loyal to the club over the years – but to the late king of pop Michael Jackson. A man who probably only watched Fulham FC play once.

Al Fayed says that the statue is a fitting tribute to the famous singer and says the fans can “go to hell” if they don’t like it. The Fulham supporters, on the other hand, think it looks awful.


Self-published author Jacqueline Howett has become an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. The English writer, now living in Florida, reacted badly to a mixed review of her latest book offering. She abused the reviewer and many other commenters during an expletive-riddled rant, which became a trending topic on blogs and on Twitter. Stephen Fry was among those weighing in. Worst of all, her poor grammar and spelling made her implosion almost as sad as it was funny.


This was intriguing viewing last as a follow up to the original documentary shot in 2006. Keep your eye out for the adapted songs i.e- Lady GaGa’s Poker Face. Lyrics changed for the message of the church to be spread. An extremely controversial way of thinking.


It was a TwitPic that made me notice this lot – the unfortunate placing of a sign at a petting zoo made me laugh out loud. Get them on Twitter @thepoke or go to their website and have a good chuckle at some of the photos, videos and news flashes they have in store. The challenge this week is to try and weave one of the useful stock images into a work presentation this week.