All The Best Links To Take You Into 2012


All The Best Links To Take You Into 2012

High Five

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Ever since I saw Scottish fashion designer Judy Clark’s pieces in the flesh I have admired the unusual way she can take old fabrics and turn them into something chic and different. I was lucky enough to meet her and see her designs for real when I was doing some experience for a PR agency last year. She has started to emerge as a hot new talent  and it looks like she will make the big time after Judy was chosen to design a dress made out of old Ford Focus parts to help launch the new 2012 model of the bestselling car. The dress is truly amazing and I would urge anyone to check out Judy’s fascinating designs!


The world of sport always throws up a few unusual or downright bizarre stories every year, but 2011 has been an absolute belter in terms of wacky sporting antics across the world. From Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli’s fireworks fiasco, Holland’s plan to build a £270 billion artificial mountain to host winter sports, and Arsenal FC’s successful suing of a Spanish hat shop, there have been some brilliant displays of weirdness. Take a look at this Yahoo list which has compiled and showcased some of the best stories from the past year and see how many you remember.


Have you ever wondered where exactly your luggage goes once you’ve checked it in ? I have always been intrigued as to what lies beyond the rubber flaps and now Delta Airlines have produced a video showing the journey from check in, to the cargo hold, to the baggage collection area. Obviously the airport workers knew that this was being filmed as I’m definitely sure that your baggage isn’t handled with this level of care!

FIT FOR 2012 (Gaynor)

I am helplessly trying to get through the copious amount of sweets I got for Christmas whilst trying to plan how I am going to battle the bulge in 2012. Doesn’t really make sense but I need to get rid of the good stuff by the 1st so I won’t be tempted to fall off the wagon. I have been thinking about the different ways I can get fit and there are many options. The Caledonian Challenge and the Moonwalk are very appealing to me but it means I would really have to get fit. So I thought about it and buying one of these houses (all come with readymade gym and swimming pool.) Any dream will do eh? Looks like it’s time to start training…..


I remember back in the day watching cartoon network after school with my tea of chicken dippers and beans. It was a wonderful time where I watched the most ridiculous programmes which at the time I found amazing. Cow and Chicken being one, Thinking back now though how could I watch a endless hours of a programme about a cow and a chicken that had human parents with only legs and no bodies. Also how could I watch the Teletubbies…the weirdest creatures that had onesies on with a giant baby as the sun?  We wonder why we have all these physco paths roaming the earth….they all clearly watched these programmes.