All Aboard the Internship... An account of a week spent working as a PR Intern

by PR Interns

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

My First Week Being a PR Intern at Holyrood PR

Image of a PR Intern at Holyrood PR - Catriona Conway-Mortimer

By Catriona Conway-Mortimer

ONLY very recently did I start to pursue a career in PR. So, once I’d finished uni and started looking at jobs, I thought to myself ‘what better way to get my foot in the door than an internship?’ After some research, I read about Holyrood PR’s internship programme – not much later, I was called in to start work.

This all happened very quickly and when I stepped through the door on Monday morning, having done no preparatory research, I had virtually no idea about what the day to day life of working in a PR agency was actually like. But, after being warmly welcomed and shown the ropes by Alie, these blanks quickly began to be filled in.

So far it’s all been pretty plain sailing. Each day I’m learning something new. I’m improving press release writing skills, learning how to manage clients’ social media and carrying out social audits. I’m also getting to know the many ways in which Holyrood PR caters to its clients.

Each morning I’m tasked with sifting through the papers and noting down any news that’s related to the company’s clients to ensure the staff here stays up-to-date with relevant stories.

The very hefty intern bible is pretty much my right hand man, with a section to help me with any of the many ways in which I might be lost. But if ever it fails me, everyone here is very friendly and supportive and only too happy to give me a hand. I’m given constructive feedback for the work that I produce, enabling me to improve with each media release, telephone interview or website upload.

The fantastic thing about my internship at Holyrood is that I actually feel as though I’m helping the staff out here, and easing their workload – not being a hindrance, not slowing things down and definitely not just a tea server.

If I’m being perfectly honest, before my arrival, I feared that doing a month of 9 to 5 would feel like an eternity, after being used to my casual *ahem* schedule at uni.

In fact, I couldn’t be more wrong. My task-filled day flies past and I’m left with a new, refreshing feeling that when the clock hits 5pm my workday is over and there are no unfinished essays haunting me at midnight – turns out this working life shindig ain’t so bad!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next three weeks will teach me and I’m confident that I’ll learn a great deal more and enjoy the rest of my time here.

So if you’ve just finished a long stint at uni, and are feeling like a fish out of water, Holyrood PR is certainly a good place to start making waves.

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