Ace Aimee Awarded Employee of the Month!

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Aimee and MarcelloSo, hello again everyone, it is nice to be back at a desk with a quick opportunity to update you all on what’s been going on over a very busy few weeks!

This week I am particularly pleased with Miss Aimee who has been working so hard her hair has turned red and started sprouting – I kid you not, it’s standing straight up off her head!

Aimee has had a lot on her plate this month and on top of her long to-do list she seems to have been spreading herself about the office lending a hand to anyone who needs it.

Probably the biggest event Aimee has had to tackle this month is the Caledonian Challenge, which took place over the weekend starting the 16th of June.

The Challenge itself sounded intense! And I am still at a loss to understand why people would spend a weekend, voluntarily, trekking 54 miles along uneven, highland paths. But hey ho, each to their own, and this year over 800 people came from all over Britain and overseas to take part!

Aimee aptly coordinated all of the press interest and wrote some fantastic pieces on those taking part. I still think she should have followed up on the suggestion she take part herself, but in life one cannot have everything.

Anyway, due to all her scribbling and chatting the event was covered in some major publications and this is one of the reasons I feel she most deserves my patronage this month. Go Aimee!

Although I quite miss Duncan and his pretty pictures I am enjoying Aimee’s banter as well as her (slightly unhealthy) fixation with garden gnomes. However, if she tries to go anywhere near my (precious little) hair, we will have a serious falling out….

Given that her hair hasn’t stayed the same colour for more than a week this month, I feel like the possibility of her attempting a ‘new do’ on me is quite high, so watch this space….Ciao for now! 


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