PR, weird stories and weirder accents

Holyrood PR Intern Programme
By Oier LLinas Villasante
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AS THE song said: “This is the end, my only friend, the end”.

It’s been four weeks since I first sat in front of my computer screen at Holyrood PR but it’s been a very rewarding month full of surprises, ‘first times’ and PR, a lot of PR.

Since the beginning I realised this was not going to be a boring internship. From the very first day I found myself immersed in the job and being part of a team, taking responsibilities such as managing twitter accounts or carrying out research for clients.

Day by day I have witnessed how PR helps any type of company to boost its image. From stories about Turbine lovers to scary deliveries, I was able to handle an impressive amount of topics making the job varied and interesting all the time.

Being an intern, moreover, being an intern whose mother tongue in not English, you don’t really expect to have the chance of writing press releases or articles for the website. But, indeed, that is what I have been doing at Holyrood and that has given me a precious insight of the language and its journalistic style. I learnt, for instance, that ‘tits and fags’ might, actually, mean more than what you are thinking right now.

Speaking of thinking, that is what you never stop doing in this job. Being creative is a must for working in this field and discovering your client’s interesting stories and puting them into words is a fantastic feeling.

It’s just been a month but has been full of new experiences that, no doubt, have influenced my way of seeing this job. I can proudly say now that I fully understand what the term PR means and I am more than keen to explore that new path.

After a month surrounded by some of the thickest Scottish accents I had ever heard, and realized that I am going to miss them, the only thing I am able to say when someone asks me about the placement is: “Aye, it was a great experience. Cheers, lads and lassies of Holyrood PR!”

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