A Wet Wednesday Of Wacky Not Boring

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A Wet Wednesday Of Wacky Not Boring

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Old Spice continuously deliver fantastic ad campaigns for their male cosmetic products and this new one is no different. Titled ‘Believe In Your Smellf’ the advert is bang on for entertainment and demonstrates how humour can be used to attract consumers instead of relentless pressurisation.


When passing through some small towns in the borders I have often wondered why they have the names they do. I’m sure the residents of Dull, a small community near Aberfeldy feel exactly the same. It has just become a whole lot more dull in Dull though after the village was twinned with a town in America called Boring in Oregon, America. This pairing happened after a lady from Perth was on a cycling holiday in the US and passed by Boring. She let one of her Dull pals know about the town who then suggested the pairing to the community planning organisation. At least the two can be Dull and Boring together.


Its a well known fact that shock tactics are one of the quickest ways to make a point to a target audience, but when do shock tactics cross the line of taste and go too far? Lush cosmetics put this to the test yesterady with a live window display at its Regent Street store in London, which showed a young woman experiencing just some of the painful test animals have to endure during animla testing. The display was set up to raise awareness of teh brands campaign to stop animal testing and it certainly did that! Many passers by stopped in horror and the model was force fed, dragged across the floor and even bandaged – actions which most certainly would have killed an animal. It’s a brave PR stunt from Lush and one which  has gained lots of media attention, but has the attention been taken away from the original campaign and focused more on the tactics used? Did its shock tactics go too far? Tweet and let us know what you think!

Bus Stop Booze Cure (Sarah)

 Now everyone knows the feeling, a head which throbs when you move it, a tongue that sticks to the roof of your mouth and words that tumble of it, in no particular order, louder than you thought possible (although you were sure you were whispering). And the worst thing about hangovers is that they are self inflicted, ensuring that sympathy is in short supply. Oh, and the fact that nothing (no amount of coffee/aspirin/orange juice or water) that takes them away. Or is there….? ‘Hangover Heaven’ brand themselves as ‘a mobile morning after cure’ and claim to have discovered a solution that relives one of a hangover, within 15 minutes! Currently only operating in Las Vegas, ‘Hangover Heaven’ doctors travel around in buses (which have comfy seats) and administer the cure – the most expensive of which is administered via an IV drip! I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from these guys, if what is claimed by those featuring in their online videos proves to be true… Only time will tell, but if they make a move to Scotland, that’s one bus I won’t mind waiting for!

Lots of money-making sense? Or more money than sense? (Sarah)

At a conference in Seattle on Tuesday, the billionaire entrepreneurs behind Planetary Resources revealed their new space based plan – to send robots into space to mine asteroids! Peter Diamandis, one of the co founders, describes how he always had a ‘glamorous vision of where we could go’ and that it has always his dream to be an ‘asteroid miner’. Although outside experts are sceptical, the company is deadly serious, and they plan on beginning their venture by launching the first in a series of private telescopes that would search for the right type of asteroids. Planetary Resources hope that such mining will provide minerals such as gold and platinum, as well as spacecraft fuel. If it works then maybe it’ll be shiny new jewellery all round!