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So rats are on their way to becoming the champion of pets in Scotland – I fancy getting my own rodent myself – and they’re now having a rodent-off in their own version of Crufts. Organised by the Scottish Rat Club. No doubt the thought of their tails racing about will have some folks spewing but I’m all for being a spectator to see them battle it out in categories including best in breed, agility and for me the best will be the “most curious”.
The rat off is set to go down in Bathgate, West Lothian and the competitors will have to meet the high standards set by the National Fancy Rat Society.


Just when you thought drinking a bottle of beer couldn’t get any more interesting, Heineken has gone that extra step with their creative thinking with the invention of a light up bottle.
Showcased at Milan Design Week, the specially designed ‘Ignite’ bottle reacts when being toasted with, when being sipped from and is also able to synchronise with the music in a nightclub by flashing to match the beat. If that’s not enough to grab your attention it comes with eight colourful LEDS, a tiny processor, motion detector and wireless transceiver at the base of every bottle.
This creation is demonstrating the Dutch brands commitment to “Using pioneering technology and design to create inventive new ways to experience the product and the brand.”
A night out looks like it might be the smallest bit pricier.


We have all, at some point, wished for money, fame and popularity and sometimes we envy those who constantly appear in magazines or on TV. However, after reading this article, I honestly think it is pointless to think of these things a minute longer. According to new research, while living intensively with their luxuries, it has been proved that performers and sport starts have a shorter life expectancy.  The reason has not yet been established although scientists are working on it; it could be because of drugs and alcohol consumption or the constant pressure of being under the scrutiny of public opinion.


There is nothing cuter than babies dancing as if they were adults and Evian knows it. The latest ad created by BETC Paris has already been posted on Facebook and YouTube where it has more than 12 million views. It was officially launched on screen on Sunday – so we’ll have these lovely wee dancers invading our homes while we have dinner.


Durex has recently come up with a new invention which clearly goes that extra mile. It is called Fundawear and it will probably be right up the street of those who are in long distance relationships. Fundawear are magic underpants with tiny vibrant motors connected to a Smartphone app which allows “transferring the touch across vast distances”. At the moment, the invention is on the experimental stage in which Durex is looking for brave couples to find out how they would use the product. Any takers?