A Torrent Of Links This Thursday From The Holyrood Team


A Torrent Of Links This Thursday From The Holyrood Team



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Steven Frayne, also known as Dynamo, is hailed as the hip-hop magician who managed to trick hit way out of a tough council estate.  A British version of David Blaine, minus the creepy intensity, this guy has impressed flocks of celebrities with his tricks. His abilities were encouraged by his Grandfather as a way of protecting himself in the notorious Delph Hill council estate in Bradford.  In retaliation to two kids who used to pick him up and dump him in a bin and roll him down a hill on the way to school, he discovered a way to make it impossible for him to be lifted which naturally freaked the hell out of them and as word spread he wasn’t bothered again.  One of his most famous stunts was his Jesus impression showing him appearing to walk over the River Thames.  Check it out for yourselves, no idea how he does it and I don’t really want to so I can just enjoy it for what it appears to be-true magic.


Fans of the fantastic crime trilogy by Steig Larson may or may not be thrilled to learn that H&M are launching a clothing range based on the novels anti-herione Lisbeth Salander. The announcement comes just before the release of the U.S remake of the film trilogy and the clothes will be designed by Trish Summerville who created Lisbeth’s outfits for the film. Being a fan of the books and the original Swedish films, it pains me a little that Larson’s family have allowed this blatant PR and marketing stunt to go ahead, as it removes all focus from the great writing and inventive story plot. What’s more I don’t think Lisbeth herself – if she were a real person – would be too appreciative of her own clothing line, as she has never been one to conform to traditional ideals of fashion. Undoubtedly the clothing line will sell well, particularly among the younger angst ridden generation, but I’m sure that it won’t go down particularly well with fans of the book and film.


Scottish iPhone users have found themselves lost in translation as the latest software on the iPhone, Siri, does not recognise the Scottish accent. Disgruntled messages have littered gadget websites and forums while Scots have also uploaded footage of them using Siri to YouTube, with some videos receiving more than 17,000 hits in just over a week. In one video, a Scottish voice can be heard asking Siri ‘Gonnae no dae that’, with the phone replying believing the person to have said ‘Going Akila’. ‘Can you dance with me?’ is interpreted as ‘Can you dutch women’.

Saw’s Law! (Gaynor)

There’s nothing worse when returning to your car and realising that there is a very annoying parking attendant writing you a ticket. Yes we do get desperate and try and plead our case, ‘it wasn’t my fault I HAD to park here because I need to pick something urgent up’ or ‘I’ve only been here for two minutes!’ Then when they are adamant that they are going to make you pay you finally give up and make some comment that you are going to appeal it and they will not get away with it. These guys in New York clearly weren’t going to let this parking attendant get the better of them. They thought it would be better to take a saw to the parking meter leaving the attendant in total shock! First rule to parking attendants all over the world don’t mess with construction guys!


Our mobile phones have been getting smarter and more technologically advanced over the past decade. LCD screens take up most of the interface, internet browsing comes as standard and we’ve got high resolution cameras and video technology to play with. But now Nokia has unveiled their latest plans for the mobile phone market – a handset that is a bit more flexible. Literally. The company envisages that our phones will become more bendable in the coming years and is developing a range of prototypes to dazzle its customers. Quite why we need malleable mobiles is probably a question for another day but, judging by these photos, they do look pretty sweet. So don’t be surprised to see these in Phones 4 U within the next 24 months.