A Snapshot of the News from Holyrood PR


A Snapshot of the News from Holyrood PR

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We’ve all heard of neighbourhood watch, but how about ninja-watch?.  This 25 year-old man is on a mission to clean up the streets of Turnbridge Wells after he was inspired by the traditional neighbourhood watch schemes which he says people have forgotten about.  While this is a relatively new scene for the people of Kent, seeing young men in hoods and masks is a common sight for many where I come from.  Let’s hope the have a go hero isn’t targeted by zeros in a half shell-suit.



The sequel to the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time is hitting cinema screens next month. Alan and his motley crew are back for another stag party – this time for Stu (the dentist who pulled out his own tooth in the first film). This is a teaser for The Hangover Part II and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting night for them all again but this time it’s in Bangkok. It does raise the important question – will it be able to top the original? Should Hollywood just leave the originals to bask in their own glory instead of trying to top the last? Of course sequels have had both positive and negative outcomes in the past – take Pirates of the Caribbean which had an amazing first movie but failed to impress with the sequel. Whereas, for example, the Back to the Future films got better with each one that was made. So we’ll just have to wait until next month to see – but from this little snippet it looks like it might make quite an impact.


With speculation continuing about which celebrities are protecting themselves from scandal with court orders, one figure has finally come forward to clear his name from the rumours. Former BBC political editor Andrew Marr has revealed that – although he took out a super injunction in 2008 gagging the press from revealing details about an extra-marital affair – he is not one of the high-profile anonymous cases that have been in the news recently. Marr has confessed that he felt “uneasy” about taking out the injunction when he was at the BBC as he “hadn’t gone into journalism to gag journalists”. He has also questioned the controversial practice and said that the current trend showed that injunctions were running out of control. It’ll be interesting to see if any of the other celebrity names currently being whispered choose to follow Marr’s lead and reveal their own gagging orders.



It’s not as if we need a reminder of the extraordinary, destructive power of nature so soon after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. However this video has been catching public attention, one of a series showing the devastation wrought by a tornado at Lambert Airport in St Louis


We’ve all been there: the best man wedding speech that either leaves you cringing because it’s so bad, or has you wishing it would be over fast so you can get back to the drinking. Beau Worley decided to avoid the risk of either of these two scenarios by deciding to give his speech – through the art of ‘dad dancing’. Beau, whose ample frame only adds to the four minute dancing marvel he creates, is – as you’ll see – not ashamed to shake his stuff to the enjoyment of guests. (Note: the dancing begins two minutes in after his introductory words).