A Monday Boost From Holyrood


A Monday Boost From Holyrood



Most men would recoil at the thought of entertaining a 14 stone burd, but not this guy.  Iain Newby and his family share their Essex pad with Beaky the giant emu, and often enjoy spending their evenings with their feathered “child” in front of the TV.  However bedtime can prove challenging for the Newbys because owing to her diet of cauliflower and broccoli, big Beaky has a bit of a flatulence problem and has been banished to a summerhouse in the garden for the foreseeable future. 

After receiving an Emu egg as a Christmas present, Iain made a makeshift incubator, and to his astonishment out popped Beaky in all her glory only a few months later.  Right that’s it.  I am going to Asda tonight and buying a half dozen chicken eggs and taking them to the Tan Unique to see what happens.  My neighbour has chickens.  I’ll maybe train mine to become SAS chickens, getting them to infiltrate the neighbour’s coop and tackle him every time he tries to take an egg.  We’re not the best of friends you see.  



The banana is well known to be a great energy booster as well having a number of health benefits but it seems it isn’t just for eating.  The banana has provided inspiration for various other designs within the fashion industry as well as some very extraordinary carving artists.  I will say no more, just have a look for yourself.



We all watched in amazement when stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill burst into the public consciousness with a viral YouTube video showing him performing a series of amazing feats in his adopted home city of Edinburgh. Now it has been taken to a new level with this gorgeously shot footage of the man putting himself and his bike through their paces on a industrial wasteland. Man and machine in perfect harmony. Awesome – and kudos the to the film crew who put this together as part of Channel Four’s ‘Concrete Circus’ series.


Most people can bring to mind a favourite period of cinema.  It could be simply down to the first time you started actually going to the cinema, or a love of Bogart greats from the 40s or even a nostalgic throwback to the silent era.  But this writer has gone one further by nailing his favourite time to a specific year – and laments on this fact that this was the year that Hollywood stopped taking risks.  The year in question is 1982 – a year in which hardly a week went by without a new must-see movie.  Want proof – here’s the role call: ET, Blade Runner, First Blood (Rambo), Conan the Barbarian, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Annie, The Wall, The Thing, Watership Down.  The author argues that in 1982 film makers were a different breed – they were people who made films not ex-music video and commercials directors. Interestingly, guess what won Best Film Oscar in 1982 – Gandhi



12 year old, Redvers Stokes shuns the stereotypical hobbies young boys tend to have in favour of slipping into his mum’s clothes to perform as a drag queen.  But this isn’t a new hobby as he has been tottering about in stilettos even before he entered primary school. 

Born to farmer parents, they were notably a little bit shocked by his win which was secured by his rendition of Michael Jackon’s ‘Thriller’ and Dolly Parton numbers.  His crowning as Carnival drag queen means he must perform drag duties in Sticker for the next year which shouldn’t be difficult now as he is in high demand to perform.

It’s refreshing to hear that he doesn’t care what his school peers think, who actually think what he’s doing is pretty “cool.”   He also has the full support of his parents with his dad describing his act as hilarious and being impressed by his son’s convincing feminine looks.