A Model Look

NKD Clothing Blog

At a presentation of its outfits Scotland’s leading uniform supplier NKD Clothing’s model was waiting to show bosses of one of the country’s top hotel groups the first of her looks.

As she waited one of the group asked owner Gill Eastgate if she could hurry the model along to get changed into a uniform – not realising that in actual fact she was wearing one of his venue’s reception dresses.

When the executive was told of his mistake he commented: ‘Bloody hell I thought it was her own dress.”

Gill said: “We are firm believers that staff should look as good, if not better, in their work clothes so I was happy with the client’s mistake. However it was quite amusing he had not recognised his own reception outfit.

“The poor model wondered why things weren’t kicking off. She looked great in the dress and the fact this executive thought she was in her own clothes is a great barometer of the quality and style of the outfits we provide.”

NKD Clothing offers a unique design service, with bespoke corporate wear rather than choices from catalogues. It supplies to dozens of businesses across the UK, including the De Vere and Malmaison hotel groups.